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Todays Plan: 10/19/17

Bellwork: Unit 4 Check-in 2 on
Finish Stem cells, then work on Specialized
organelle activity (30-40 mins)
Leaf structure (the rest of class)
Todays Plan: 10/17/17
Bellwork: Pre-lab write up (15 mins)
Muscle fatigue lab (30 mins)
Cellular respiration notes (the rest of class)
Todays Plan: 10/18/17
Bellwork: Photosynthesis POGIL (30 mins)
Leaf Structure notes (20 mins)
Plant mass and photosynthesis activity (the
rest of class)
Todays Plan: 10/19/17
Bellwork: Diagram: In your notes, draw a
picture of a fish, in a fish tank, with 2 water
plants and the sun shining on it, (5 mins)
Go over photosynthesis (20 mins)
2 stations, 25 mins each:
Diagram instructions Card sort activity
Photolab with laptops in pairs or 3s
Go over diagram and controls on
photosynthesis (last few mins of class)
Diagram instructions
Blue arrows show oxygen going in and out
Red arrows show carbon dioxide going in and
Put a green box around any organisms that do
Put a Yellow circle around any organisms that
do respiration
Put an orange star on the energy source for the
Todays Plan: 3/23/17
Bellwork: Go over stations (5 mins)
Review stations (the rest of class)
Todays Plan: 3/24/17
Bellwork: Test Q&A (15 mins)
Unit 4 test (as needed)
If you finish early, work on missing work,
the next HW and the following:
What are Nucleic acids made of?
What are the parts of the nucleic acid subunits?
What is the complimentary base-pairing rule?
DNA modeling (the rest of class)
The BIG Picture
Glucose is the paycheck
ATP is cash
ADP+P is the change you get back from spending
Making the paycheck is photosynthesis
Getting cash is respiration
All of this takes place on a cellular level.
Photosynthesis Overall
Needs: Chlorophyll, Light, Water, Carbon Dioxide
Releases: Glucose, Oxygen Gas
Done in the chloroplast of plants
See overhead for overall reaction of
Transpiration and photosynthesis:
Stomates open to allow carbon dioxide in, but this also
allows water vapor out.
Direct relationship (as photosynthesis rate increases, so
does transpiration rate)
Factors influencing the rate of
Amount of reactants (less
reactants=slower rate)
Amount of light (less light=slows and
Leaf Structure and Photosynthesis
Leaf Layers:
Cutin=waxy coating for______
Upper & lower Epidermis for _________
Pallisade Layer for_________
Spongy Layer for _____________
Stomates (stomata) and guard cells for___________
Vein (vascular tissue) for _______________
Cellular Respiration
Done by organisms in the mitochondria
This is how the mitochondria generates energy
See overhead for overall equation
Needs Oxygen gas and Glucose
2 forms
Aerobic=with oxygen
Anaerobic=without oxygen (ends with
Lactic Acid-in animals (causes cramps)
Alcoholic-in plants (makes ethyl alcohol)
Inner Membrane is folded for?
Matrix is for?