N . Ashish Kumar.

000 in 2-3 years time if worked part time after your regular job and without affecting much your social lifestyle! . You are about to see a great business opportunity which can change your life completely if you take this opportunity with positive mind set and seriousness« Please note that this business has the potential of earning minimum Rs 2.Dear Friends.00.

Increments. . Investors: Are those who are either born with golden spoon or worked hard to build their business. small shop owners. because they are the only ones who knows to do their skilled job perfectly. then they invest their profit returns buying other business. they imply money. if he don·t come for work his salary is being cut. Lawyer. They work hard initially to make organization workable as per their demand of business and once the setup starts generating money/profit from their activities. Self Employee: Like Doctors. Businessmen: Are those who build a setup or organization to ease their work. These people have to be present on their work area no matter what the situation is. these are ² Employee Self Employee Businessmen Investors Employee: Works 6 days/8-10 Hrs and then gets a fixed salary at the end of month. plumbers. promotion. real estates and other company·s stocks. working hours and fate is being decided by his ´Bossµ or the management. masons etc.If you see around the world. Moreover his Vacation. hire people & give a momentum to their business. are skilled workers and earn their livelihood by working even more than any employee (10-12 Hrs/day) just to keep their bread & butter in line. they expand their business in terms of more productivity of goods and services. you will find 4 categories of people contributing in any economy.

However you are not compensated. if you buy some cloths on discounted rates. Movie Maker Likewise. You will be compensated.! You do this kind of referral as part of your day to day activities.. If you do the same thing in our business. you would prefer your relatives and friends should also get benefit of discounted sale. Have you heard of Network Marketing? The business we are going to discuss is also Network marketing. If those friends watch that movie upon your reference. . and you will call them to rush to particular showroom to buy« Will that showroom owner give you any commission upon sales he made just because of your reference? NO. tell few friends.What do you do if you watch a good movie? Obviously. who gets benefit? Certainly.

the company shares the profit with you« From the money saved on advertisements and distribution expenses since no marketing or agency is involved If the process continues.How a Network Marketing is different from Traditional Marketing/Sales? TRADITIONAL MARKETING NETWORK MARKETING Manufacturer Overheads & Profit Advertisements National Distributors Regional Distributors Wholesalers & Retailer YOU If you buy any product and you like it. retailers etc. All above is paid by customers like US« Manufacturer NWM Company Customer# 1 Customer# 2 Customer# 3 Your Friend or Relative YOU You buy a product from NWM company and you recommend it to your friends & relatives If they buy through your reference. . BUT you will not get benefit Company incurs huge amount of expense on payment to Cine stars or Sports person on advertisements.µ In case any one buys the product because of the trust in you Sales Happens. wholesalers. you recommend the same to your ´friends & relatives. it creates a passive income in the period of 2-3 years.

a lot of dishonest and unscrupulous individuals and entities have used Network Marketing for illegal and fast moneymaking schemes. just with the way some people work with it. author of "The MLM Simple Success Guide" says." . That's why one can find a lot of people who have negative opinions of Network Marketing There are those who have had an unfortunate experience of one kind or another. Unfortunately." But as Dr. Dean Black. Others. NWM is marketing a product through a network (of people or customers). It combines two of the most powerful forces at work in the world today: Networking and Marketing or simply saying. It started in the United States in the 1930s but it achieved its real growth in the 60s after the inception of Amway Corporation (American Way) in to the US market in 1959.What is network marketing? NWM is a marketing concept or a way of selling products. because of what they have heard. "There's nothing wrong with the principle. because of the explosive success of this young industry. think it's an "illegal pyramid.

one in your left hand and second in your right hand side A A.2 B.2 .1 A.1 B B.Likewise A & B also need to introduce at least 2-2 members under them« YOU Your responsibility is to introduce only 2 members under you.

Diagrammatic Explanation of How Earnings are Generated You Pushpa 1 1 Priya Rs.9200/- Berna Minat Sridhar 3 3 Zarna Amit Olive Rs.11500/- .2300/- Rajesh Mamta Shaun Carroll 3 3 Jisha Leela Kumar Atul Netra Rs.11500/- Neetu 3 3 Rs.

you have active members in your up line and down line. Z Sudan India XYZ From B Ms.1 B A.2 From You From A Mr.1 From Up line From A. Y From You From B Remember you are not alone in this business.2 From B. your up liner shall place his new member under you or your any of down line to grow his income and in return it will grow your organization resulting more money in your pocket« See how your organization grows in team work«. we all are working together towards one goal ² to achieve financial freedom« We all are active and introducing new members every day.YOU A A.1 From B B. . X Mrs.2 From B. Y From USA Australia Malaysia Mr.1 B.2 From you From A.

2 From You From A Mr. Z Sudan India XYZ B.2 From B.1 From B B.1 and you can see the right hand side of ´Aµ you are loosing because your business will start from ´A. he wants you to place at ´Aµ position.1µ So my dear its always good to be early bird.2 here Mrs. Y From You From B By joining late your placement gets down to A.2 the team you shall be placed From you From A. Y From USA Australia Malaysia Mr. And someone else took this place YOUR FRIEND For example here is your friend who sent you this opportunity.1 From B.1 B And when you decide to join A. X From B Ms.POWER OF POSITION IN NETWORK But for some reason you took time to make up your mind and didn·t join early. A A.1 From Up line From A. no delays no loss« .