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SMOKING ‘the bad habitual’ Byfirman .

Everything just about personalization. Smoking has impression and taste as something can not be described except they used to. people recognized cigarettes.Actually smokers realize how they spent much money for this habit. Everyday they rely on the cigarette for their activities spirits. Generally smoking is enjoyed by men. no body knows exactly. . Many of teenagers are affected to smoke although they has accepted advice from their parents. smoking is habit that link people as a symbol of relation in a community/ environment in some assume. How pool they are? This is just about life style or something that has to follow an environment. reality shows how many women is doing it too.As known and seen. Usually. As the scene that still exist many people smoke cigarettes with full enjoyable. Since long time ago. so this rate gives information about the high quantity of smokers. Cigarettes with addictive composition have chained the smokers. However cigarette takes high income for this country. people who smoke cigarettes is an adult but in the fact cigarettes enjoyed more by children or teenager for today.

as symbol in a community. The teenagers have the big curiosity feeling. The smokers know how big problem and high risk will appear if they smoke the cigarettes in big quantity and for long time. Many reasons make the teenagers in this country to be the smokers. Smoking not just a habitual but to be necessary because they addicted with nicotine and tar that include in cigarettes. The teenagers recognize a cigarette because feeling of curiosity. They are try to find out about what they feel. Actually they know how bad and expensive this habit before. Almost all of them are students of junior high school and senior high school. The first reason is feeling of curiosity. Almost all of people have this feeling so do not be strange if the smokers appear more from teenagers than adult. However the feeling of curiosity brought them to find out the taste of cigarettes. as life style. and to express themselves. The smoking environment introduces them with cigarettes. absolutely. The smokers in big community for latest years are teenagers. . The teenagers as generally look at their environment.

The third reason. the teenagers have many ways to express themselves. The fourth reason. smoking as life style. Remember their status as students. The second reason. They want to feel free for everything what they done. . smoking is the way to expresses themselves. they made mistake absolutely. How pity them? The teenagers just want to show if they are can be achieved as smokers. They will pride if they can enter the free community. As matter fact the teenagers in this country choose smoking as life style. This conditions tells how weak their mental with this assume. Actually. They are creative human being in this age. In case that life style is various. smoking as symbol in a community. Smoking is the best way in their assumed to measure themselves in their environment. But a lot of them express themselves with smoking. Usually the teenagers in free community smoke cigarettes as a symbol freedom. Is it the best way or just to show if they can do it as adult. The community that entered by the teenagers identically free of rules.

they never know how much they spent money. prevent smoking as well as we can do to keep healthy and save money for a better life. Smoking has high risk for healthy. Actually smoking sometimes disturbed somebody else with the smoke they pup out. everybody knows about it well. . Therefore. All of the smokers enjoy the smoking just themselves. This condition will be worse if the teenagers make smoking as the best way to find out everything based on the reasons above. They never think about the other one. Beside. While almost the teenagers who smoke are students and still get money from their parents.

Summary-Response Essay .

avoid smoking should we can do to keep healthy for life better because the bad habit smoke that is not avoided will lead to the health in our bodies lead to cancer. True.1. lung and disorders of the fetus. . While the dangers of the baby environment and smoke cigarettes smoked.

the smoke is not just an adult.2. . but the truth is a cigarette enjoyed more by children because factors parents and teenagers. more rentat to affected and mencontoh the habit of his parents. One of the children have parents who smoker. True.

so also with the teen a smoking. al bahri. Among teens smokers are 87 % have at least one or more friend who s moker. friends will also affect smoking such opinions. 1991. most likely people friends also smoker. . A lot of the fact prove that a smoke r. In addition of factors parents. a nd instead.3.

because at the age of the children have the curiosity of a very high so that they curious to trying new things. The reason for the first is curiosity the teenager against a cigarette.4. .Yes true.