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Your Challenge...

Ernie the Electrician has noticed

that buying electrical wire for his
work is becoming more and more

He thinks he can invent a cheaper

version and wants you to test
some materials hes thought of.

He doesnt know what the word

means but apparently the
materials need to be good
I suppose I
might as well Learning Objectives
something !
To carry out an investigation
into conductors and insulators.

To make your investigation a

fair test.

To report your findings back

to Ernie (making conclusions).

Finish making your predictions

from yesterdays lesson.

With your partner, think of a

way you are going to test
whether each material is a
conductor or an insulator.

Draw a picture / circuit

diagram, showing how you are
going to test them.

You can use;

2 x Cell
1 x Bulb or motor
2 x Crocodile Clips
I aint
interested if
Before you start...
it aint fair. Make two columns in your books like below;

Change Keep the same

Think of what you are going to change and

what you are going to keep the same...
Well? What When youve finished...
do I need to
do then?
Write a report to Ernie. Make sure
you answer these questions;

1). Which was the best conductor

of electricity?

2). Which was the worst conductor

of electricity?

3) How did you make it a fair test?

4). What shall I try and make my

new wire out of?
Ok, I did what you said but I've had a complaint from one of my
customers. Theyve sent me a picture of their house (see below) and
also said its my fault their dog got electrocuted. To save more money
I didnt bother putting any plastic around my new wire like others
have. Has this got anything to do with it?

What has Ernie done wrong?

How do you think you did?

I could carry out my the investigation and

record my results in a table.

I could carry out my investigation and show my

results in a table. I could also try and make my
investigation a fair test by only changing one

I could do all of amber and I could also write a

report making conclusions from my results.