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Chittagong. Auto Loan.Company Profile Eastern Bank Limited (EBL) is one of the modern. Tracing its origin back to 1992. Eastern Bank has its presence in major cities/towns of the country including Dhaka. Internet Banking. Eastern Bank markets a wide range of depository. Debit Card. Pre-paid Cards. Khulna and Rajshahi. fully online and technologically superior private commercial Banks in Bangladesh. Corporate Banking and SME Banking services through a network of branches & centers countrywide. EBL is serving the individual and corporate clientele alike with remarkable success offering innovative banking services since then. Treasury. Sylhet. loan & card products. Syndication. . Personal Loans. These products include different types of Savings & Current Accounts.

Company Profile Vision To become the bank of choice by transforming the way we do business and developing a truly unique financial institution that delivers superior growth and financial performance and be the most recognisable brand in the financial services in Bangladesh. . procedures and training to maintain a cohesive and professional team in order to achieve service excellence. both internal and external. We will ensure to maximize shareholder's value. We will constantly challenge our systems. We will create an enabling environment and embrace a team based culture where people will excel. Mission We will deliver service excellence to all our customers.

.Recruitment Recruitment policy of Eastern Bank Limited (EBL) is to hire the right kind of people at the right place selecting them through an effective process from a pool of candidates in the job market. Effective recruitment shall ensure the competency and high quality performance of the whole organization.

Category of Head Count Included Head Count Excluded Head Count yPermanent Employee yNon-employed workers-Agency. . Consultants yHR .Contractual Employee yInterns. Outsourced. yEmployee in Leave.

Roles and Responsibilities Head of the Division Human Resources Finance yOwn the Head count as yGeneral Support & yEntry of data in well as budgeted head Guidance to respective to the yearly Division/ department / Budget count unit yBudgeting Annual head count and ensuring yFormulate and process Re-sourcing recruiting submission with HR plan based on Head yManaging Human capital count requirements yCalculating Headcount cost .

³Appointments to the services of the Bank up to the two-level below the rank of the Managing Director shall be made by the Board of Directors of the Bank´. .Authority of Employment As per Bangladesh Bank BRPD Circular No. 2003. All other appointments shall be made by the Managing Director of the Bank. An employment / Recruitment approval form should be filled up along with salary slip of last month of previous employer ( in case of fresh employment no need of salary slip ) and last year¶s performance appraisal rating of the selected applicant to obtain Managing Director/ Board approval.16 dated July 24.

Basic Requirements for Recruitment Positions Academic Age Nationality Physical Fitness Above PO Level Minimum Graduation / BBA Not below 18 years Bangladeshi/ Dual citizenship Physically fit through Medical Authority or a qualified physician or professional specified by the Bank in this regard. Physically fit through Medical Authority or a qualified physician or professional specified by the Bank in this regard Physically fit through Medical Authority or a qualified physician or professional specified by the Bank in this regard. Sub-ordinate Staffs to PO Minimum Graduation / BBA Not below 18 years or over 30 years for fresh recruitment Not below 18 years and over 58 years Bangladeshi Executives / Contractual Staff Minimum Graduation / BBA Bangladeshi / Dual Citizenship .

Process flow for the Recruitment Receiving Manpower Requisition Internal/External Vacancy Announcement (if applicable) CV Sorting-listing/ CV send to Business Invitation for Written test /Assessment/ Interview Written Examination (Up to PO & Technical positions if required) For internal candidates. written examination will not be required unless there is not any technical reason Assessment/ Interview (s) Final Selection Salary fixation/Appointment Approval Employment Officer Joining .

past records.) to the skills/position required in the job. or other information related (i. educational /training /professional certificates. convict by court. liabilities etc.Reference Checks Before accepting the joining letter at least two references are required to obtain information about the applicant's family background and previous work.e. Candidate will give filled in forms back to HRD at the time of joining. HRD will provide two Reference Check Forms to the selected candidate at the time of giving offer to him/her. .

Educational Record Check The concerned new joiner must submit the copy of his / her educational scripts to the HR at the time of his / her joining to the bank and HR must verify the said scripts with originals by signing ³Original seen´ and keep the copies with his / her personal files. .

Any deviation on this should be approved by the Managing Director. As per BRPD Circular experienced candidate must submit his/her release order from the previous organization at the time of joining. .Last Employment Check A new joiner must submit proof of previous last employment record in the form of release letter (in case of experienced candidate).

It is preferred that all candidates will have the medical check up from Dhaka. Diagnostic centre will forward the medical report and fitness certificate to EBL directly. the candidate must go through a thorough medical examination to check his/her fitness for the job at his/her own cost.employment Medical Checkup Before joining. HRD will provide the list of pathological test required to be done to the candidate if he/she accepts the offer of employment.Pre. Permanent employees and Contractual Executives have to go through a thorough medical checking from EBL advised diagnostic centers in Dhaka. .

.Joining Time The joining time mentioned in the offer letter should be within Fifteen (15) working days or as per requirement of the management but should not be more that thirty (30) working days. the candidate must apply to Head of Human Resources for extension. In case of any unavoidable situation / unable to join within the prescribed duration. In this regard the decision from concerned Division Head / Managing Director will be treated as final.

. ± After joining. the following day will be considered as the effective date of joining. HRD shall open and maintain a Personal File in the employee¶s name. ± The joining shall be made by 12 noon (preferably at 10 O¶clock in the morning) of all employees. employee must duly fill in and submit the joining form/ required documents.Joining Formalities ± The service of an employee will commence from the day he/she joins duty as per appointment letter. ± On joining. irrespective of employment category/grade/levels all will join at the Head Office. ± In case of joining after 12 O¶clock.

Posting/ Rotation HRD issue posting order/ rotation program with consultation of the concerned department/division after joining. .

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