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By: Hunter Tharpe

Canadas major landforms

Appalachian Mountains: The Appalachian Mountains consist of mainly rolling

hills. They are located in the provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland,
and Quebec.
Canadian Cordillera: The Canadian Cordillera extends from the Rocky
Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. They are part of a huge mountain system
extending from South America to Alaska.
St. Lawrence River: The St. Lawrence River flows from Lake Ontario to the
Atlantic Ocean. It is 744 miles long.
Canadas major landforms (cont.)

Peace River: The Peace River originates in the Rocky Mountains. It flows
through Northern Alberta. It is 1,195 miles long.
Great Bear Lake: The Great Bear Lake is named for the abundance of bears
near its shores. It is 25 miles long and is located in the Northwest Territories.
Mackenzie River: The Mackenzie River originates in the Great Slake Lake and
flows to the Arctic Ocean. It is the longest river in Canada.
Canadas major climate types and
natural resources
Canadas climate is very diverse across the country.
Spring is pleasant throughout most of the country. Summer is hot and dry on
the prairies, humid in central Canada.
Fall is often crisp and cool, while winter is bitterly cold and snowy.
Canadas major climate types and
natural resources (cont.)
Canada is very rich in fossil fuels. Oil is a large fossil fuel in Alberta.
Canada is often known for its large abundance for stone and gravel.
Canada has a large supply of forestland.
The effect of France and England on
France controlled Canada for a very long time.
France set up a colony in Canada in the 1500s
England wanted to expand north of its American colonies.
The effect of France and England on
The French and Indian War was mainly fought over control of Canada.
Eventually, another war was fought, and England won control of Canada.
Due to cost to govern Canada, England let Canada form its own country of
July 1, 1867.
Immigrants effect on Canadas culture

There is a large diversity of Canadas culture.

In 1971, Canada adopted multiculturalism as an official policy.
Multiculturalism is the belief that all citizens are equal, regardless of where
they came from.
Immigrants effect on Canadas culture
All Canadians are guaranteed equality, regardless of their race, religion, etc.
All Canadians are free to choose for themselves.
In conclusion, Canada is very reliant on its immigrants to enhance their
county, their countrys economy, and their countrys culture.
Regionalisms effect on Canada

Arnold Edinbourgh said Canada has never been a melting pot, more of a
tossed salad. He was describing regionalism.
Regionalism is the difference of a countrys economy, etc. from region to
The main effect is on Canadas economy.
Regionalisms effect on Canada (cont.)

There are vast differences in Canadas regions.

The most successful province is Alberta, which is rich in oil.
The Maritimes is a large fishing industry, while Quebec is large in factories.
The western provinces are usually rich in oil.
In conclusion, Canada has many different areas that all impact their economy
in a good way.
Canadian provinces

There are 10 total Canadian provinces.

Alberta and British Columbia
Manitoba and New Brunswick
Canadian provinces (cont.)

Newfoundland and Labrador and Novia Scotia

Ontario and Price Edward Island
Quebec and Saskatchewan