What is a Wearable Computer ? 
Facilitates Human-Computer Interaction  Engulfed into the personal space of a user ,controlled by the user.  Small portable computer that is designed to be worn on the body of the user.  Provides synergy between human and computer due to it s operational and interactional constancy.

Wrist Computer

Does Wearable Computer means this ? CERTAINLY NOT !!!!!! .

 In 1981.  1989: Private Eye head-mounted display marketed by Reflection Technology.  1994: Edgar Matias and Mike Ruicci of University of Toronto debuted the wrist computer . . First Wear Comp invented by Steve Mann.  Wearable wireless Webcam invented in 1994.History of Wearable Computers  In 1979.  Since then has gone through many generations of development. backpack-mounted 6502-based computer invented to control flash bulbs .cameras.

Evolution of Wearable Computers .

but the product never came to market. HandyKey. Forced alliances with IBM and Sony in order to make wearable computing widely available.Commercialization of Wear Comp  Led by companies such as Xybernault. to mediocre returns. Transformation from laptop to wear comp .  In 2001 IBM developed and publicly displayed two prototypes for a wristwatch computer running Linux. a computer in a (fairly large) wristwatch.  In 1998 Seiko marketed the Ruputer. and ViA.

 Always with us and not easily forgotten.Why use Wearable Computers ?  Integrated to user s clothing or can be attached to the body.  Are reconfigurable as regular desktop PC s.  Instant access and information anywhere  Always on and ready to access  Can use it and execute tasks while doing other activities.  Contains sensors which help in body maintenance. .

 Canesta s IR Keyboard  Arm-Strapped Keyboard  Glove Keyboard  Cameras : Ordinary web camera  Network Connection : For the internet .How Wear Comp Works ?  Head Mounted Display : Used as a monitor screen  Transparent Displays  Opaque Displays  Keyers(Keyboard) : Used in place of keyboard to type.

.  Augmentation : User will perform other tasks and computing at same time.  Mediation : Allows greater degree of encapsulation.  Solitude : Acts as information filter  Privacy : Serves as intermediary for interacting with untrusted systems.Operational Modes  Constancy : Always ready to interact with the user.

<--Constancy Augmentation .

Attributes  Unmonopolizing of the user s attention  Unrestrictive to the user  Observable by the user  Controllable by the user  Attentive to the environment  Communicative to others It has the following properties : CONSTANT  PERSONAL  PROSTHETIC  ASSERTIVE  PRIVATE .

 Warehousing and inventory control  MILITARY  Command/control communication and tactical information  MEDICAL AND HEALTH  Blind Vision  Medi Wear  AUGMENTED REALITY  SMART EYEGLASSES.Present Applications  INDUSTRY  Quick and accurate availability of complex information to the workers.  Easy maintenance of complex machinery.SHOES .

Smart Shoes Smart Glasses Medi Wear .

Military .


Advantages & Disadvantages Advantages : Portability  Hands Free Use  Comfortable  Quick to Access  Always on for the task it is designed Disadvantages : Can be heavy  Expensive  Can cause irritation in heat IR Keyboard  Damage the eyes  Might be used illegally by students in examination  Not waterproof .

 Power Supply : May be generated by human body Body heat(wetsuit clothes) Breath (pressure mask) Walking (Shoe Generator) Finger Motion (keyboard typing) Silk Organza . NiCad or battery vest may be used.Operational Details Software:  WOS(Wear Comp OS) is used Red Hat & GNU Linux also Hardware:  Display: Portable LCD Display or Head Mounted Display  Keyboard: Pushdown micro switches or Twiddler  Hard Drive: IDE & SCSI interfaced hard drives are available  Batteries: Li-Ion .

LCD Display Eye Glasses Twiddler Camera .

 Computerized Clothes will give a new trend to smartness .  Work in progress to overcome the challenges that inhibit its growth.  Processors and sensors need to be integrated into textiles.Conclusion  It reduces human effort and makes task easier.  Smart Clothing is a great prospect in this field as it helps in various situations.  User interface needs to become more easy to learn and use.  It must become comfortable to wear without causing harm to one s health. .


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