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Service sector is the lifeline for the social economic growth of a country. Subsectors in Service Sector: 1.Information Technology 2.ITES 3.Retail 4.Financial Services 5.Education

Despite the global economic slowdown, the service sector in India contributed 56 percent to the GDP during 2008-09.

To analyze the role played by advertising in promoting service sector companies. To analyze the factors that needs to be considered while designing an advertising strategy for a service sector company. To know the customers view towards various services available in the market. To formulate the advertising strategy for increasing the sale of services.

SAMPLE SIZE: 100 respondents. SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Primary Data is used. SAMPLING METHOD: Percentage Method. SAMPLING PROCEDURE: Close Ended Questionnaire is used. SAMPLING TECHNIQUE: Convenient Sampling Method. METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION: Questionnaire Method has been used.

Insurance and Financial services are most benefited

The services contribute heavily in the growth of the Indian Economy and the prospects of services market are quite bright in the near future. Advertising can play a very vital role in the growth of the service sector as it helps in reducing the gap between what is delivered to the customer and what is communicated to the customer before service delivery.

Service Sector companies should give more importance to advertising than any other mode of promotion. Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) should use Print Media for advertising as it will be cost effective and will cover large masses. Big Service Sector companies can go for audio video class of media for advertising. Only a specific single message should be promoted by the advertisement. A service industry advertisement should emphasize on highlighting service attributes closely followed by quality and customer satisfaction

Various Banks and Educational Bodies should start focusing on rural India. The advertisement should focus on targeting the customers of the age group of 21 40 Years. Such endorsing personalities should be selected which can be used to represent young India. Ad repetition holds the key in creating an impression on the minds of the consumers and hence resulting in the purchase of the service.

The message structure of the advertisement should show the reputation of the service sector company. An advertisement should focus on educating the consumer about the service and managing the customer expectations. Presence of Celebrities in the advertisements for the service sector on the purchase decision of the consumer. So Service Companies should promote using brand personalities in their advertisements.

Advertising does not directly impact the cash inflows for the company but however it has a high impact on creating awareness among the people and building the image of the company. These passive benefits should not be neglected while designing the advertisement for a service sector company. This also helps in developing the recall model of advertising. Customer Satisfaction and Service Recovery can help in enforcing brand loyalty among the consumers.

Service advertising should provide maximum information about the service required by the consumer which is constructive in changing the attitude of the market. The Brand logos and the brand slogans should be such that they hit the emotional quotient of the people. For example, MetLife uses snoopy as brand logo and ICICI bank uses slogan of Khayal Apka .

Books: Advertising Management, 5th Edition, Pearson Education by Rajeev Batra, John G. Myers and David A. Aaker. Services Marketing, 4th Edition, Tata McGraw Hill by Valarie A Zeithaml, Mary Jo Bitner, Ajay Pandit. Websites:

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