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Map Future

Manageable Develop

1. What is the profile of the company?
2. What are the current internal communication strategies
of the company?
3. What are the current external communication
strategies of the company?
4. What internal and external communication problems
does the company experience?
5. What action plan can be proposed to enhance/ improve
the company communication strategy?
Enhanced Companys Reputation
Know the Solutions of Current
Overcome Weaknesses
Expand Business Venture
Achieving Organization Goals
Image Credibility
Attain Goals
Effective Strategies
Edgar R. Altuna Jr.
Founded on 2015
Metro Event Zone,Ayala Hi way,
Lipa City
Edgar R. Altuna Jr.

2 Security Operation Manager Maintenance

The data were collected through an interview
with the owner of the DCube Restobar

Conducted questions on how will they improve

their company as they have their internal and
external communication strategies
Itis an advantage for the researchers
as one of the team is related to the

Have an easy access that allow us to

use their business.
Single proprietorship
Started in the year 2015
Start up to have a venue to showcase their food business

Building long-term relationship with

Offering promos and discounts of offered products
Good transaction with suppliers

Misunderstanding between customers and employees

Having too much competitors
Areas Proposed strategy Objectives Person Budget Target date of

responsible implementation

Internal Giving the employee Boost employee Manager or Depends on the June 1, 2017

Com. incentive or reward. productivity, improve Owner performance of

System employee satisfaction, the employee

create a sense of

community and solidify

employee loyalty and

External Social Media Promoting the product Management or 10,000 June 1, 2017

Com. Advertisement of the company assigned

System personnel
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