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Induction Programme at

Vodafone India Ltd.

Submitted by:
Swati Ojha A7002314010
Course: MBA(HR) 4th sem

Objective • To understand the various induction programme held at Vodafone. . • To study the effectiveness of induction programme at Vodafone.

Limitations Time was the major constraint limiting factor. The data collected from the employees could be biased. . Sample size is very small.

structured questionnaire with both open-ended and closed-ended questions was used. . The survey research was used in this Thesis. • Secondary data was obtained from journals. Research Instrument • For doing the survey research. Research Methodology Research Design • A research design is purely and simply the framework or plan for a study that guides the collection and analysis of data. because employee‘s feedback was necessary for obtaining the data. Data Sources • Primary data was collected through questionnaire. newspapers. books and the Internet. magazines.

Place of Study • Lucknow .Continued.. Sample Size • A sample size of 30 respondents is used for the study. a purposive sample was used. Mode of Survey • personal interview with the respondents during the filling up of the questionnaires. Sampling • Non probability sampling.

Findings • They are informed about the safety related incident which includes their HSW Policy. • It is found through the survey conducted that the employees’ expectation does not match the work condition. . • The Induction programme is conducted for 25-30days. • They are given process related training which is very helpful for them in handling the system efficiently.

Continued… • They are given behavioral related training during induction programme which helps them in handling the customers in most effective manner. • Their leave related rules are very unstable. but the employees when files any complaint does not get the response which they are assured during induction program. • During induction they are informed about grievance handling machinery and ways of filing complaint. .

.Suggestions • The induction tenure should be reduced to 15 days maximum as the employees’ get bored due to longer tenure.  List of training programmes. • The induction should cover these areas as well:  Employees career progression. • The grievances should be dealt ASAP because employees felt as if they are not the part of the company this creates discontentment among them.

• It would also help in increasing the satisfaction level. if the above said suggestions are taken into consideration. the induction programme would be even more productive. morale and performance of the new recruits . conclusion • The rating of the Induction programme at Vodafone India Ltd. given by the employees is reasonably good. • However.