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(electron paramagnetic resonance)

By Jonathan Spagnola

the energy of the spin states are identical • In presence of magnetic field. EPR Theory • Electrons have two spin energy states • When no magnetic-field. the energy of spin states diverge • EPR is only used on paramagnetic species .

5GHz. EPR spectroscopy  The instrument used in the lab is Bruker EMX model spectrometer.  The frequency of the microwaves that the spectrometer produce is 9.  EPR spectrum of LiMn2O4 .

• So.EPR Practicality • The spectrometer can also be used to test the efficiency of different combinations of atoms. • The batteries for the mars rover were developed by those in the lab I currently work in. . why Lithium? • Lithium ion batteries are one of the most common rechargeable sources of energy. such as Li- ion batteries.