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CEFR-aligned English

Language Curriculum
Baseline Study 2013
*n *n The weakest skill:
No clear purpose
78% below A1 Teachers of learning English
Year 6 32% at B2
On average at A1 31% at C1 Conflicting curriculum,
Form 3 teaching & learning,
On average at A1 assessment
Form 5 Not benchmarked
On average at A2 to international standards

*n=20000+ students from 426 schools *n=1000= teachers from 426 schools
How can we improve? Roadmap Review

Project Management CEFR-Malaysia development and adoption

Curriculum evaluation,
Baseline studies and Deliverables
monitoring standards revision and rollout

Teacher development Learning Materials

programme evaluation

Assessment evaluation, development

and capacity building
Roadmap (2015-2025) Curriculum Targets
Baseline Study results
aspirational targets
Preschool Preschool
Years 4+ and 5+
78% below A1 A1
Working towards A1
Year 6 Year 6 Year 1 - Working towards A1
On average at A1 A2 Year 2 - A1 low
Year 3 - A1 mid
Form 3 Form 3 Year 4 A1 high
On average at A1 B1 Year 5 A2 low
Year 6 A2 mid
Form 5 Form 5 Form 1 Revised A2
On average at A2 B1/B2 Form 2 A2 high
Form 3 B1 low
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: The Form 4 B1 mid
Global Scale Form 5 B1 high
A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2
Independent User
Basic User (Basic) Proficient User (Advanced)
Framework Curriculum Targets:
CEFR standards are used to Appropriate to the
frame EL curriculum aspirational targets and
Continuation from Preschool, Baseline results
Primary and Secondary
Curriculum Content Assessment scale is based on
What Layout
the CEFR levels
Performance standards are
are we

Curriculum framework
based on 3 levels

improving? Schemes of Work (SoW)

New textbooks
Off-the-shelf textbooks:
Modular configuration
Primary: Superminds 1
Separation of Listening and
Secondary: Pulse 2
Speaking skills

Grammar component
Moved to the Syllabus and
incorporated in the 4 skills
are we
Curriculum Induction for Preschool, Years 1 & 2,
July Forms 1 & 2
(Training of Master Trainers)

Aug Cascade Training for Preschool, Years 1 & 2,
onwards Forms 1 & 2

Nov - Dec DSKP for Preschool, Years 1 & 2 and Forms 1 & 2
will be uploaded on BPK Portal

2018 Implementation of the new curriculum for

Preschool, Years 1 & 2 and Forms 1 & 2