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Projects are sometime complex one ,

multidimensional etc. Managing these projects
requires lot of skills and abilities for the leader.
1. Team Building: Building the program team is
one of the prime responsibility of the project
manager. Involves maintain
a. Effective communication
b. Sincere interest in the professional grow of
the team members
c. Commitment to the project
2. Leadership: Involves the ability to integrate
individual demands, requirements and
limitations into decision that benefit the overall
project performance.
3. Conflict Resolution: This includes
understanding the determinants of the
conflicts so as to respond to the conflict
effectively. Regular functional conflicts results
in poor program decision making, delay in
execution, disruption of the teams effort.
Conflict in right sense like healthy discussion
some time required for the better
performance. Thus the manager should be
enough intelligent to understand the situation
and resolve the things effectively.
4.Technical skills: Its is essential for the project
manager to understand the technology, market
situation and the business environment to
participate effectively in the search for
integrated solution and technological
innovations. Technological expertise is necessary
to evaluate technical concepts and solutions to
communicate effectively in technical terms with
the project teams and to assess the risks and
trade off between cost, schedule and technical
5. Planning skill: It requires the ability to
negotiate the necessary resources and
commitment from key personnel in the various
supporting organization with little or no formal
6. Organization skill. The Project Manager must
be a social architect that is he must understand
how the organization work, and how to work
with the organization, Organizational skills are
particularly important during the project
formation when the project Manager
establishes the project organization by
integrating people from different discipline into
an effective work team.
7. Entrepreneurial Skill: The PM needs a general
management perspective. For example,
Economic consideration is one important factor,
that normally effects the financial performance.
He should understand the importance of
reducing the cost of the project wherever
8. Administrative Skill: The PM must be
experienced in planning staffing, budgeting and
other control techniques.
9. Management Support Building Skill: The PM
is surrounding by a variety of organizations that
either support him or control his activities. An
understanding of these interfaces is important
to a project management as it enhances their
ability to build favorable relationship with senior
10. Resource Allocation Skill: Once the project
begins different type of resources are needed at
different at different stages. The project manger
must understand this need for varying resources
and capable of allocating resources as and when

Thus the Project Manager must be both socially and

technically aware to understand how the organization
functions and how these functions effect the project
organization of the particular job to be done. The project
manager must also understand the culture and value
system of the organization he is working with.
A PM must make the decisions to guide the
actions of other. This in brief, is his authority. A
PM in the first instance must have authority to
enable him in turn delegate it to others.
The authority required in project management
is for dealing with:
1. Project scope
2. Project Goals
3. Project execution Mode
4. Project Organization
5. Project purchase
6. Selection of contractors and consultants
7. Project technical performance
8. Project schedules and budgets
9. Funds needed and other resources.
10. Project personnel
11. Public/share holders
12.Project environment
13.Management system and procedures
14. Project performance review

In some cases PM is absolute authority, in some

cases sharing the authority with functional
managers, or with top management