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Welcome to Curriculum Night!

Mrs. Austins Second Grade Class

About Me

My husband Jerry and I live here in Alpharetta with

our daughter Addie
Addie is in first grade in Mrs. Watzmans class
I have been at Cogburn since the school opened in
I have taught both second and third grade here
My heart is in second grade!

Copy room help, science lab, etc.

All volunteers will be required to fill out a Volunteer Form.
Per state legislature, all volunteers are mandated
reporters of child abuse and neglect.
In addition to the form, volunteers must complete a short
on-line training.
*There is a link to both the form and on-line training on the
Cogburn Woods website:

Reading/Language Arts
Science/ Social Studies
Binder/ Study Skills
Units Covered for Second Grade
Unit 1: Extending Base Ten Understanding
Unit 2: Becoming Fluent with Addition and Subtraction
Unit 3 : Understanding Measurement, Length, and Time
Unit 4: Applying Base Ten Understanding
Unit 5: Understanding Plane and Solid Figures
Unit 6: Developing Multiplication
We will use manipulatives, technology, games, math centers, and
more to explore math concepts.
Reading/ Language Arts
Students will complete differentiated center work
Fountas daily to meet their needs and provide
and Pinnell
Assessme remediation and enrichment as needed.
nt System
Students will develop independence and take
ownership of their learning.
Tests Teacher Lead Group and Mini Lessons
(Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expanded
Writing: Vocabulary)
Reading Assessment- Fountas and Pinnell
Work in groups is based on assessment and
strategy (groups change often)
Science and Social Studies
Science Social Studies
We will learn about:
stars size, brightness, and patterns;
Landforms, regions, and rivers
constellations, in Georgia
the moon (positions, shadows, length Civil Rights and Human Rights
of day and night),
Life cycles, seasonal changes of a
Roles of elected officials
Rules and laws
sources of energy: light, heat, and
motion, how energy is used Tomachichi, Oglethorpe,
pushes and pulls, speed Martin Luther King, Jr., Jackie
Robinson, Jimmy Carter, and
change caused by weather, plants,
animals, and people Mary Musgrove
Properties of matter: Identify 3 states Personal Finance
of matter
We have adopted a new program: Lucy Calkins

Spelling is not important in our writing

We will write every day, but it may not always come home

Topics of writing will include:

Grading Scale
90-100 = A
80-90 = B
70-80 = C
69 and below= F

Papers will no longer come home in a Thursday folder. They will

be sent home when graded. You may keep the papers at home.
Homework will be given each day Monday -Thursday
Monday-Thursday: Reading Fluency
Tuesday: Math
Wednesday: Spelling ABC Order
Thursday: Math

Homework should take no longer than 20 minutes. Please let me

know if it does.

Agendas can be found in your childs binder

Homework will be written every Friday
Please review this with your child
Sign and return the agenda daily
Comments may be written for communication,
please check daily
School Rules- classroom, cafeteria, specials, playground
Class Behavior- Marble Jar
Individual Behavior- Color Chart
Your students Color for the day will be recorded in his/her
agenda daily.
Things to Know

I will email or text (Remind) you with reminders and curriculum updates
Check out our class website
Absences/Tardies- Written Note ONLY, no emails, this is school policy,
must be within 3 days of absence
Planned trips require a note for the administration before the trip in order
for it to be excused.
Excusal notes need to be sent in to school within 3 days of the absence.
Transportation changes need to be in writing. Can only ride a different
bus if it is for childcare reasons.
Please send a healthy snack everyday!

We have several students in our room that

have sensitivities to peanuts/nut.
Please limit the amount of peanut butter you
send in for snack/lunch
Students that do have sensitives are welcome
to bring in a few extra snacks to keep in my
closet incase a birthday treat comes in that
may have nuts or been made in a bakery that
also makes items with nuts.
The End!

Thank you so much for coming tonight.

We are going to have an AMAZING year together.
Thank you for sharing your sweet children with me.
Please feel free to contact me at:
Dont forget to sign up for a conference time!