Social Responsibility

An Agenda Beyond Business

Godrej Memorial Hospital .` ` ` ` ` Introduction CSR Companies Godrej ± Company profile CSR activities of Godrej .Environment Conclusion .Visually Disabled .Udayachal School .

` What is CSR ?  Ethical in nature & a deep respect for citizens  Corporations which claims to be socially responsible must meet or exceed expectations ³Today no business can choose and do whatever it wants to do regardless of its impact on the society in general´ .

` There are many companies who are involved in CSR activities Examples are as follows  Godrej  Infosys  Tata Steel ` .

` Company Profile  Godrej was established in 1897  Ardeshir Godrej was the founder of Godrej  25% of the shares are invested in CSR activities ³Which means business is not just about revenues and making profit. communities healthy & our kids smart´ . but keeping our land green.

Hyderabad Managing effluent and waste water Conserves for a brighter tomorrow Environment protection and corporate responsibility .       Provides quality care and education (Udayachal Schools) Strives to strike the right balance (Godrej Memorial Hospital) Long term employment for the visually Disabled The Green Business Centre.

 Udayachal the school run by Godrej group of companies The School motto is .´Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamayaµ. means ´from darkness to lightµ Education in the school focuses on total personality development Nutritional supplements and medical services provided    .

 Great emphasis is laid on creativity Every child is made aware of the environment Udayachal school is also an ISO-14001 certified ISOinstitution Encourages small family norm    .

 Provides 5star services @ 3star prices Was set up by Godrej Memorial Trust Quality healthcare services are provided at affordable cost   .

 Hospital does not advertise Healthcare at affordable price ² OPD divided into 3 Free emergency medical services In association with Smile Train Project have completed 100 surgeries    .

Godrej has got approximately 3 millions hardware packets made from NADE (National Association for Disabled Enterprises Employment count has increased from 7 to 20   . Activity was started in year 1996-97 1996In the last ten years.

 Godrej ² the leader of CSR Mangrove Conservation Project National Green governance award in 2005   .

Assurance that the product the consumer purchase will be safe  Will not damage the environment  Assurance of an honest deal devoid of hidden costs  Enjoy a more positive self image ³No business is worthwhile unless it serves the need of the country and its people´ .

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