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Hugues Marchat

Hugues Marchat - About

Hugues Marchat founded Allience specialist firm of consulting,

coaching and training, with references in all major sectors of the
He is also founder and director of Allience Britain, a company that
organizes team-building seminars in stand-up paddle for managers
and project teams.
It implements its methods of analysis in both SOHO and SMEs than
in large groups and local communities.
he has published several books about project management and
organization, and teaches at the university, CNAM, cole Centrale
Paris and HEC Geneva.
Hugues Marchat - Education

Armed training center

Engineer Analyst, information systems , organizational techniques
1980 1982
Training centers of the armed
Certificates Chemical Biological Nuclear - capsule Manager, Specific
techniques related to weapons systems. 1979 1982
University of Angers
DEUG, Maths Physics 1975 1978
Military academy
LAC Scientific 1968 - 1974
Hugues Marchat - Publications

He is the author of 12 books, that includes in

Project Management

Corporate Strategy

Hugues Marchat - Publications

Management, the army a model - HR Focus

March 2013
The project manager Kit
March 2013
Perform diagnosis of an organization
December 2012
Analyze a workstation or service
December 2012
What is a project?

It is the principle of scenario. A project is triggered by an order that is

passed At the beginning of the project. This command is more or less

explicit According to the previous level of "project maturation".

Hugues Marchat introduced a Three Phase Method to handle the project

in structured manner
Three Phases of Project Management

Step 1 Planning
Goal setting, Project definition and team organization.
Establishing objectives
Defining project
Creating work breakdown structure
Determining resources
Forming organization
Three Phases of Project Management

Step 2 Scheduling
Relating people, money and supplies to specific activities and activities
to one and other.
Identifying precedence relationships
Sequencing activities
Determining activity times & costs
Estimating materials & worker requirements
Determining critical activity.
Three Phases of Project Management

Purpose of Project Scheduling

Shows the relationship of each activity to others.
Identifies the precedence relationship.
Encourages the setting of realistic time and cost estimates.
Helps make better use of people, money, and materials, resources.
Three Phases of Project Management

Step 3 Controlling
Montioring, resources, cost, quality and budget; revising plans; and
shifting resources tomeet time and cost demands.
Project Control Reports
Detailed cost breakdown for each task
Total program labor curves
Cost distribution tablets
Functional cost and hour summaries
Raw materials and expenditure forecast.
Variance reports.
Time analysis reports
Work status reports.


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