France Pharmaceutical Market

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2005-2009.2% for the period 2005-2009. representing a compound annual growth 2009. .Market Overview Therapeutic Segment (% share'2009:by Value) Oncology 8% Respiratory 9% Other therapeutic purposes 35% Alimentary/Metabol ism 13% Central Nervous System 17% Cardiovascular 18% The French pharmaceuticals market generated total revenues of US $42. rate (CAGR) of 3.35 Billion in 2009.

Ipsen.Leading Companies (% share·2009:by Value) AstraZeneca PLC 5% Pfizer Inc 5% Novartis 5% Sanofi Aventis 10% Others 59% Servier 11% GlaxoSmithKline Plc 5% Others include Ipsen. Merck & Co. and 300 other small players .


Regulatory Regime Main regulatory authority is the Ministry of Health. Average registration times vary between 6 to 12 months. AFSSAPS increased the transparency by announcing that it would publish committee proceedings on the Internet. the months. AFSSAPS created a unit to monitor drug safety after marketing 2005. information. approval. By 2011. Youth & Sport. with new checks on promotional material and patient information. drugs. . In 2005. body is targeting 90 days for newly licensed drugs. All products must be authorised by the Healthcare Products Safety Agency (AFSSAPS). (AFSSAPS).

Intellectual Property Development WTO Member and TRIPS compliance. IP Issues: 1. Patent protection as per EU and International Standards. Aggressive promotion of generic medicines 3. Cost containment measures 2. Government price cuts and unrealistic healthcare budget for innovative products 4. Concern about Generics being approved before patent expiry .

France Reimbursement Categories Reimbursement Category Pharmaceuticals for severe and chronic disease Pharmaceuticals for serious disease Pharmaceuticals for moderately serious disease Pharmaceuticals pending de-listing Reimbursement Characteristic of Rate (%) Category 100 65 35 15 Special list approved by Minister of Health Normal rate approved by UNCAM Rate determined by UNCAM Temporary rate decided by UNCAM . the Centre d·Etude et de Prospective Stratégique (CEPS) de France.Pricing and Reimbursement Issues ‡ Negotiation of price of reimbursable medicines between manufacturers and the government committee.

cost cutting measures. 2) Parallel exports 3) Local R&D activity is on the decline 4) Reforms of drug reimbursement levels poorly received by consumers & industry. 5) France¶s regulatory environment. . as the government expands cost-containment and OPPORTUNITIES increasing number of patent expirations 1) Reimbursement of OTCs market 2) Potential for generics by insurance firms growth. 5) Current economic difficulties to negatively impact consumer spending on medicines.¶s cost-cutting policy 2) Cost-cutting reforms± low MNC investment 3) A continued decline in local R&D 4) Government targeting overprescribing of some medicines to hamper volume increases. based on EU directives WEAKNESS 1) Market growth in France has come under pressure due to govt. hampering patient access SWOT OPPORTUNITIES 1) Potential for generics market growth. is based in France. 5) Rising prices of some OTCs because of liberalization of their sales. one of the world¶s largest firm. like Pfizer.chronic treatments containment and increasing number of patent expirations SWOT THREATS 1) Govt. 2) One of the leading per-capita spenders in Europe 3) Sanofi-Aventis.STRENGTHS 1) One of the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world. 4) Base for many major MNCs. as the government expands cost3) Ageing population .

largely as a (result of the impending patent cliff and the consequent consumption of lower-value generic drugs in place of the lowerhighhigh-value patented drugs. . a CAGR of -1. 20092009-2014 From 2009-2014.44% in US dollar terms).Market Value Forecast: $ billion.22% is projected in local 2009currency terms (-3.

Published by Datamonitor . Pharmaceuticals in France·2009. France Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report·2010.References: 1. Published by Business Monitor 2.

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