Fauquier County School Board

School Board Office

Monday, November 06, 2017
5:30 P.M.
Middle School Modernization

1. Call To Order 6. Procurement Pathways
2. Roll Call 7. Solicitation Requirements
3. Adoption of Agenda 8. Discussion
4. Project Scope 9. Roundtable
5. Project Budget 10. Adjournment
Framework for Analysis and Discussion

Project Scope Project Budget Procurement Solicitation
• What question are we • What is the project Pathways Requirements
trying to answer? budget? • Design, Bid, Build • Instruction
• Should we disclose to • Design-Build • Technology
• Community
• Design, Environment,
& Sustainability
Project Scope

 What are the questions we are trying to answer?
1. What is the project?
o Renovation, New Construction, Other?
2. What is the site?
o Taylor/Warrenton
3. What is the Capacity?
o 650 or 800
o 650 and 800
4. Can this be done within a certain budgetary restriction?
3. Project Budget

 The current CIP for Fauquier County remains unchanged and includes $30 million for a central
middle school with an additional 10% ($3 million) in cash.
 The last letter from the BOS indicates that they might be willing to waive the referendum
requirement for a $27.5 million debt issuance (with certain restrictions).
 Should the budget for this project be disclosed as part of the procurement process?
Procurement Pathways

 There are two popular options in the public sector: (1) Design, Bid, Build – the
most traditional, and (2) Design-Build – a competitive negotiation method.
 There are also some other options that are used under special circumstances in
the public sector such as Construction Management at-Risk (CM at-Risk) and the
use of public-private partnerships (thru the Public-Private Education Facilities and
Infrastructure Act of 2002). *These are both forms of Design-Build.
 All options take different approaches to provide public entities value and cost
 S. Monaco, Procurement Manager: Summary of Procurement Pathways
Solicitation Requirements & Project Considerations

 Capacity and Building Design  Instruction
o Grade Houses? o Collaborative furniture
o Prototypical and space configurations
o Location o Project /learning spaces
o Transportation/road o Technology
o Energy conservation and o Media/library design

 Financing

 Community development requirements