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• To study the concept of Asset Allocation.

• To gain knowledge about various Asset Classes in detail.

• To learn about different Portfolios designed.

• To understand how different factors affect returns on various

• And specifically to know how many people in ULHASNAGAR
diversify their risk through asset allocation.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Sources of data Primary Secondary data data .


investing decisions.where to invest. there is one sure bet ASSET ALLOCATION the easy way to get started everything. when it comes to investing for your future. . He has given 3 steps for successful investment : • plan creation • Implementation • Maintenance AMAR PANDIT stated that RIGHT DECISION plays a very IMPORTANT role in asset allocation. REVIEW OF LITREATURE RICHARD FERRI in his book ALL ABOUT ASSET ALLOCATION:- Stated that . what amount to be invested and when to invest will affect the overall Investment returns.

Not only businessmen but also salaried people living here make investments as per there capacity. Here people earn profits out of business and make investments.Area of study Ulhasnagar a place called as business hub. My study is based on how ulhasnagar people allocate assets and make their portfolio a better one to earn a greater rewards. . which is nowhere left behind. with mostly sindhi community.

Facts and findings 1. NUMBER OF RESPONDENTS MALE FEMALE 26% 74% .

AGE GROUP OF RESPONDENTS 1% 5% 3% 30% 30% less than 18 yrs 18-21 yrs 21-25 yrs 30% 25-35 yrs 35-50 yrs 50 yrs & above . 2.

3. Investments in different sectors currency market commodity market cash and equivalents Mutual funds fixed income Equities Real estate 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% .


Investors response of risk taking capacity 9% 2% 17% 1 23% 2 3 39% 4 5 . 5.

AGE OF INVESTING Respondents view 1% 9% early age middle age after 50 yrs 90% .6.

benefits own needs particular of particular particular policies from investment investment investment particular investment . factors that investors consider while making investments 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% demand of popularity growth in inflation govt. 7.

Beneficial investments on the basis of returns mutual funds currency market commodity market cash and equivalents fixed incomes equities real estate 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% . 8.

More beneficial. 9.short term v/s long term (investors response) 12% short term investment long term investment 88% .

10. Investment returns always beneficial 39% YES NO 61% .

. investing capacity. his attitude and knowledge towards particular investment.real estate. own needs.male . ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATIONS o From the survey of 100 respondents – • Majority of respondents. growth. • Most beneficial investments on the basis of returns. demand. • The major reasons for investments are returns and rewards and risk diversification. . The main cause behind this is to analyze the avenues and than take decisions to make the investments in a correct way. The reason behind this could be investor’s risk taking capacity. • Most preferred avenues are. popularity. equities.fixed incomes. long term investments are more beneficial. fixed incomes and equities. as returns are high. • Factors considered– benefits. The reason is simple . real estate.

Asset allocation is not a one time event It is life-long process of progession and fine tuning. depending upon past experiences. So it is never too late to get started. knowledge. conclusion ASSET ALLOCATION is investor’s choice of making investments. it is also never too late to give your existing portfolio a face lift. returns from particular avenue to diversify risk and build a stronger portfolio. capacity. .

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