By: Cecil Reyes King Faisal University College of Nursing


Cutting B.Retracting WWW.The Basic Surgical Instruments: A.NET .Grasping C.Suturing E.Miscellaneous www.

To hold # 10. length 6 ½ inches. 12 & 15. 12 & 15. length 5½ inches To hold # WWW. 11. Narrow nose. 11. To hold # 10. Cutting Instruments:  Knife (Scalpel)  Scissors A. length 5 inches. Bard Parker Handle #3 #7 #9 #4 Narrow nose. www. Narrow nose. 12 & 15.linkfinders. 11. To hold # 20 & 21.NET .SMSO. length 4 ½ inches Narrow nose. Knife: 1.A.

NET .info/vip WWW.www.linkfinders.SMSO.

info/vip WWW.2.SMSO. Tonsil dissection. Blades # 10 # 11 # 12 # 15 Small Small Small Small General dissecting. Plastic dissection (reconstruction) Skin incision # 20 Large www.linkfinders. Stab incision.NET .

info/vip WWW. Mayo curved 3.b. Mayo Straight Thin. To cut delicate tissue. 7 in. curved.linkfinders. Metzenbaum 2.NET . peritoneum www.SMSO. Scissors 1.

One point sharp 5. bandage WWW.4.SMSO. Wire 6.NET . Liston.

5 ½. 1. 6 ¼. curved. which holds the jaws. straight. a.SMSO. To arrest the flow of blood.. Crile 3. Mosquito WWW.NET .B. Straight forceps 4. crushing instrument with a locking device on the handles.linkfinders. curved. straight. Hemostats A hinge. 6 ¼. 5 in. Kelly www. GRASPING: Any instrument used to grasp tissue for the purpose of clamping or holding. when closed. curved 5 in.

To grasp delicate WWW. 7 ¼ in straight and curved. abdominal muscles. 6 in long. 5 ½ in.SMSO. c.NET . 7 ¾ in. 6 ¼. Babcock forceps Smooth jaws. Cross serrations. abdominal muscles. fenestrated oval tips with longitudinal serrations. www. 6 ½ in. Allis forceps d. 1 x 2 heavy teeth at tip of jaws. Smooth jaws with 4 x 5 fine teeth at tips. Kocker forceps To grasp heavy tissue. long. To grasp heavy tissue.b. appendix.

To grasp delicate tissues while they are being sutures. f.e. dissected or excised. 4 ½.NET . Tissue forceps 1 x 2 teeth at tip of jaws. To grasp heavy tissues while they are being sutured. or blood vessel for suturing. To grasp very delicate tissues. nerve. 1 x 2 fine teeth at the tip of jaws.SMSO. 5 ½ and 10 inches. Adson·s forceps WWW. dissected or excised. g. Dressing Serrations forceps 5 ½ and 10 inches. dissecting or excising.

3 ½ in and 5 ½ and 10 To hold drapes in place inches. Towel clip 9 ½ in. to retract tissues. To hold sponges or grasp WWW. transfer forceps. Sponge forceps i.SMSO.NET . straight and curved. www.linkfinders.h.

C. RETRACTING: any instrument used to hold open the edges of a wound. For shallow 8 ½ in. 8 ½ in. For shallow retractions. long. Armynavy d. www. long. long. To retract small & large abdominal 9 ½ in. b. Cushing vein Single-bladed 8 ½ in. wall and organs. retractions.NET WWW. Double-ended.linkfinders. Volkman c. a. long. Richardson Double-ended. 4 prongs sharp or dull.

www.SMSO. two To retract WWW. Three widths. f. 2 blades and bladder blades. narrow abdominal wall 1 ½ in wide ² 2 and organs.e. To retract abdominal wall and organs. Ribbon Flexible.. 1 2inches long. Deaver g. medium 1 ½. in.NET . 12 in long. narrow..linkfinders. wide ² 2 in. For shallow retractions. Weithlaner Self-retaining.

Balfour Self-retaining.NET . For abdominal wall retractions. i. To retract trachea or other shallow wounds. 2 blades and bladder blades.SMSO.h. Hupp tracheal WWW.linkfinders. overall length 5 ¼ in. blunt hook. Three sharp prongs.

b. a. Clip applier 5 ½. and remover long. Needle holder 6 and 7 in. To introduce and remove skin clips. 6.SMSO. To hold suture needle for suturing wounds. long.IV.NET .linkfinders. SUTURING: any instrument used to carry suture through tissue. and 7 WWW. www. WWW.NET .linkfinders.

Probe b..E. to guide a probe. To probe a cavity. to control the pathway of an incision. a.linkfinders. Grooved director WWW. PROBING: any instrument with a blunt end used to probe a cavity. 5 ½ in. www. and 8 in. 5 in.SMSO.NET . Grooved on long axis.

Yankauer suction tip c.NET . Poole suction tip Fenestrated removable tip 9 in long and ¼ in diameter. Circular. removable To withdraw fluid tip 9 in long and ¼ from throat cavity. www. in diameter. To remove fluid from abdominal cavity. Laparotomy ring WWW.SMSO. b. 1 ½ in diameter. MISCELLANEOUS a. For tagging sponges. .NET www.

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