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It is the largest network in the world that

connects thousands of individual networks all

over the world , which allows the " sharing" or
"networking" of information at remote sites
from other academic institutions, research
institutes, private companies, government
agencies, and individuals.

It allows people to send and receive data

wherever they are in the world if they have
internet access .
Everyone will find that they use the internet in
one way or another, whether it is to research
some information or simply talk to friends .

Today, the Internet allow connectivity from

literally everywhere on eartheven ships at sea
and in outer space.
The popular term for the Internet is the
information highway.
Rather than moving through geographical space,
it moves your ideas and information through
cyberspace the space of electronic movement
of ideas and information.
The internet f i rst came about in February 1958 in
ARPA Advanced Research Project Agency.
1969 January 2 ARPA started an experimental
Computer Network.

Vint Cerf Paul Baran

Vint Cerf Paul Baran

First named as ARPANET

This is renamed as INTERNET

Public commercial use of the Internet

began in mid-1989 with the connection of
E-Mail .
It works on many data transfer methods
like Optical Fibre etc .

The cable of transmission of data are under the sea and

spread all over world .
-Who Owns Internet ?
Not One person , it is manage control by ICANN
(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)

Transmission of Data all over World

URL structure :


Domain name filename

http => Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Send e-mail messages.
Send (upload) or receive (down load) files
between computers.
Participate in discussion groups, such as
mailing lists and newsgroups.
Surfing the web.
The internet has many more advantages than i t does di
sadvantages according to research.
A l lows easy and quick access to information
Enables user to access f i les and information f rom any
computer anywhere in the world
People can check f inancial information, purchase products,
talk to people and much more onl ine
Downloading music- quick and easy
User can send information quickly f rom computer to
I t promotes violence and bad behaviour wi thin
society, as i t contains violent videos and other
di sturbing images
I t can encourage negative activi ties such as
pornography and paedophilia, these things can
now be explored more openly due to the
I t stops children from going out, as they wish
to stay home and use the internet to talk to
friends etc
The Internet has enabled entirely new forms of social
interaction, activities, and organizing, thanks to its
basic features such as widespread usability and access.
Social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter
and WhatsApp ,etc have created new ways to socialize
and interact. Users of these sites are able to add a wide
variety of information to pages, to pursue common
interests, and to connect with others. It is also possible
tofind existing acquaintances, to allow communication
among existing groups of people. Sites like LinkedIn
commercial and business connections. YouTube ,
Dailymotion ,Pinterest specialize in users videos and
photographs .
It will become much faster and information wi l l be able to be
more quickly
M ore and more information wi l l be added to i t, which wi l l make
i t the
worlds biggest technology resource
I t wi l l continue to grow and as i t becomes cheaper people in less
economical ly developed countries wi l l gain access to i t, further
developing thei r education and access to information
Overal l , the internet wi l l become even more advanced in
making i t cheaper, faster and more widely accessed.