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Welcome to the Microsoft Certification Guide: a quick, comprehensive view
of the MCP status and the MCSA, MCSE, and MCSD certifications. Microsoft
certification makes a significant difference for IT pros and hopefuls in the job
industry, enabling IT pros and developers to stay up to date with their skills
and earn credit for what they’ve already learned. According to the IDC, •

certified new hires reach full productivity 39% faster, have 15% longer tenures •

on average, and 15% potentially higher salaries on average. In addition, •

they’re often given more responsibility and awarded promotions more often.

698 697

410 411 412

740 741 742

533 LFCS

CHOOSE TWO FROM: 532, 533, 534, 473

410 411 412

346 347

461 462 463

761 762

764 765

767 768

480 OR 483 486

483 357

Take advantage of our special corporate services to centrally managing training expenditures and completion. because the learning objectives are well-defined and training is tailored to ensure your success.HIGH-LEVEL CONVERSATION GUIDE COMPETITOR PRODUCTS • Learn the customers’ pain points by finding out their training goals (e.. This demonstrates your commitment to continued education. or getting a promotion). and allows pros and • Verified badges prove your Microsoft Certified Professional status from the first exam you pass. which reduces productivity • Verified badges for certification can be quickly added to your LinkedIn profile. . visit www. Yet. PAIN POINTS. and Microsoft certification is your gateway to those new possibilities. For more information. invest in regular training and • The Microsoft family of certifications are recognized around the world as a seal of excellence and work readiness for IT certification for yourself and your employees. enterprises. natural leaders and experts to surface. • Build conversation around the flexible training options from Microsoft Learning.” “I live far from a test center. and more! • Certified hires reach full productivity much (39%) faster than their peers. Mobility MCSA Cloud Platform Productivity MCSA Data Management App Builder MCSAs • Lead with the unique key benefits of Microsoft certification. sharpening skills. • VMware Certifications • Amazon AWS Certifications • Cisco Certifications • Oracle Certifications • AWS Certifications • Citrix Certifications • VMware Certifications • Google Certifications • CompTIA Certifications • IBM Certifications • CompTIA Certifications • CompTIA Certifications • VMware Certifications • Oracle Certifications • Google Certifications • AWS Certifications • SAS Certifications • Cisco Certifications CONVERSATION STARTERS. • Many (38%) IT pros say certification helps them perform complex tasks with confidence. and MCSE & Infrastructure and MCSE and MCSAs and MCSD MCSAs and MCSE and MCSE • Avoid direct comparisons to competitors or their products. "Getting certified takes too long. • The industry’s demand for skilled IT pros grows. so I don’t think I am eligible for the exam. starting Direct competitors with Microsoft also provide training and certifications for IT professionals of all levels We can use this opportunity to sell in Microsoft certifications as a strategic addition to the IT pro or developer's technology stack. Objections Objections “We don’t have the resources to fund certifications for our staff. training takes time. MCSAs and MCSEs are listed in Global Knowledge’s Top-Paying IT Certifications for 2017. resume.g. talk about the need to stay agile and be ready for new Microsoft stack business through a trained workforce. AND RESOLVING OBJECTIONS ENTERPRISE INDIVIDUALS • Certification helps retain employees and prevents complacency. To ensure that your workforce’s skill set isn’t the weak link in staying competitive. on the accelerated timeline of modern IT. it is one of the easiest types of education to plan for.5 to • Microsoft allows you to take certification exams online anywhere. • Getting an MCSA certification is your entry point to excel as an MCSD or MCSE. • Use the conversation starters below to open up a dialogue. and in a range of languages.Microsoft. • The investment pays off: Microsoft certificates lead to top-paying IT jobs.” • Like all investments in a career. anytime. For a career in tech.” • Technical skills are subject to the same obsolescence as equipment: Deloitte estimates that skills have a half-life of 2. 5 years.