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Evidence: Recycling campaign

Jessica Valeria Hurtado Bocanument

Recycling is to subject used materials or waste to a process of transformation or
exploitation so that they can be used again.
In this campaign the materials we can recycle are many, where all paper and
paperboard, glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, some plastics, textiles, woods
and electronic components are included.
If we recycle, we prevent the use of potentially useful materials.
We can reduce the consumption of new raw material, if we recycle daily, in
addition to reducing energy use, air pollution (through incineration) and water
(through landfills).
If we recycle, we can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to plastic
This small gesture of recycling, part of practicing responsible consumption, will
make our future generations enjoy a green and blue planet.
Three tips of water and life

Water means health Water means life Water means money