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IBM has acquired Lombardi Software in January 2010 and integrated their excellent BPM into a new

solution called IBM BPM. IBM BPM comes in three variants: Express, Standard and Advanced. They
are different by licensing and products that are included into them. Express comes with limited users
and deployment options with Lombardi part only, Standard comes with Lombardi part of BPM and
Advanced are integrated with Lombardi and WPS that has advanced service integration, BPEL and

IBM BPM is a visual tool for developing custom business applications. It also has many features for
integrating with existing applications. IBM Business Process Manager (IBPM) provides a platform on
which Business Processes can be described, implemented, executed and monitored.

At a high level, IBM BPM is comprised of a number of coarse grained components. Taken
together,these are the IBM BPM products. Each component serves a unique and distinct purpose
and are employed at different stages in the development or operation of an IBPM solution. Breaking
IBM BPM down into these constituent components both aids in the understanding of the product as
well as providing a practical differentiation between phases and pieces of operation.

Process Server
Process Designer
Process Center
Performance Data Warehouse
Process Center Console
Process Portal
Process Admin Console

Course Objectives:

Understanding business process manager.

Introducing business process manager.
Manage variables and data flow.
Implement gateways and routing to control process flow.
Process implementing with IBM business process manager standardv8.5.5-1
Process implementing with IBM business process manager standardv8.5.5-2
IBM BPM Online Training Curriculum:

Overview Of IBM BPM
Creating Your First Lombardi Project
Designing BPD
Hands On Session -1
Hands On Session -2
Hands On Session -3
Hands On Session -4
Hands On Session -5
Hands On Session -6
Advance Concepts In Lombardi
Hands On Session-7

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