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PVP6 Promotion Seminar in a Box

North America

Rev5058-CO900C Copyright © 2013 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All rights reserved. 1

600V Ethernet Media Cable. All rights reserved. 2 . Inc.PVP6 Promotion  What is the PVP6 Promotion?  Paid customer training event  Customers learn how to increase operator productivity and leverage the power of the Integrated Architecture through hands-on labs  Customer receives: 1 day of training. FTView Studio ME  Goal(s)  Protect and Grow EOI Share  Drive Logix Attachment  Stimulate PV Standard conversions  Convert competitively held EOI accounts  Drive awareness/adoption of Ethernet/IP Motivating Customers to Networks and AB Media solutions Convert or Migrate Copyright © 2013 Rockwell Automation. PVP6.

Inc.General Details  Execution  Led and delivered by Distributor Specialist with assistance from IA Tech Consultant or IA Solution Architect  Content available “self-serve” on Noggin  District On-Tour Laptops to be used for labs  All other hardware for labs purchased by customer as part of the seminar package  Rules of Engagement/Sales Discipline  One per customer  Opportunities tracked in SAP CRM – key to measuring incremental funnel and wins  Campaign ID: CP-0000008188-0029  Questions. or concerns – contact your Regional Marketing Lead. All rights reserved. suggestions. Copyright © 2013 Rockwell Automation. 3 .

Inc. Copyright © 2013 Rockwell Automation.  Distributor enters CLAIM for credit.DISTRIBUTOR & END CUSTOMER" for each company attending. AC input Note: AC power cable not included…needs to be provided locally.  Distributor enters "SHORT TERM SPECIAL PRICE REQUEST" in SAP. contact your Regional Marketing Lead.Commercial Details  Proposed Hardware and Software for Seminar (May vary by market)  PanelView Plus 6 Terminal.  How to Order  Distributor brings in:  Qty xx. Touch Screen. (Ship From Stock And Credit. 2711P-T10C4A8 terminals ahead of time  No cost software (9701-VWSTMENE)  Ethernet Cable (part # 1585J-M8HBJM-2 )  1 package of each per customer. 4 . quantity one per company. 1000 color model (10”). "SFSAC").  1585 Ethernet Cable 600V  FactoryTalk View Studio for Machine Edition  For pricing and availability. All rights reserved. Standard Comms. enter in Project Field " PV6 PROMO“  Distributor enters in Request " PARTICIPATION .

5 . you are strongly encouraged to use writable CD’s instead of thumb drives  An editable/printable version of the CD Label is available for you Copyright © 2013 Rockwell Automation. All rights reserved. Inc.Marketing Materials  Promotional Flyer  An editable version of the invite template is available for you to add your own details  Name Badges  An editable/printable version of the name badge template is available for you to add your own customer details  CD Label  If you are going to leave customers with materials.

6 .gosavo. Seminar in a Box https://noggin.aspx?id=30530213 Copyright © 2013 Rockwell Automation. All rights reserved.

How do I get started?  Visit Noggin and Download the Seminar-in-a-Box content  Contact your local IA solution architect or channel sales engineer to plan your event  How do I schedule/reserve the On-Tour Laptops for use in my seminar?  All scheduling of On-Tour equipment is done by the local RA sales office.Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)  I want to run a PVP6 promotion and seminar.  Is there a VMware image available for the On Tour Laptops?  A VMware image will be made available shortly…check back  Is the program flexible so that I can select different sizes of terminals?  We would prefer to use the 10” display to best highlight the graphics capabilities of our offering. Copyright © 2013 Rockwell Automation. All rights reserved. but the seminar needs to fit your market so yes – the content can be flexible. 7 . first served. Contact your local IA solution architect or channel sales engineer for details. Inc. First come.

8 . This is a great opportunity to drive funnel for CSM migration solutions. Become thoroughly familiar with the content and do a dry run well in advance of the event to ensure that things flow well. All rights reserved. Inc. consider adding a seminar.  Depending on your market. On-Tour laptops are limited to (9) in each district.  Preparation is critical to success.  Your best prospects are customers using Logix and a competitive EOI.PVP 6 Promotion – Best Practices  General  Limit class sizes to keep the interaction lively and personal.  Consider involving the local CSM team in your event. Success has primarily been due to strong partnership and ownership at the distributor level Copyright © 2013 Rockwell Automation. The Sales Development Leader (SDL) in your district can assist with gap analytics to identify targets.  Keep it simple. consider holding (2) seminars – one for competitively held OEM’s to drive conversions and one for end users and/or SI’s to drive migrations. If you have more customers.

 The limitation for events tends to be PCs. So far. If you want other sizes. That can be a Global or Corporate Account if this program helps move the opportunity forward.  Can Rockwell provide the promotional price up front? Puede Rockwell Proporcionar el precio por adelantado?  No. Ship from Stock and Credits would cause issues if pricing is provided on the “Stocking Order”  Is this offer available for any customer? What about End User plant that is a Global Account?  This is intended for customers meeting the criteria and intent of the program (conversion targets and those with sizable PanelView Standard conversion opportunity).  Are PVP6 1000s the only unit available?  PVP6 1000 was just the pricing example. All rights reserved. The program is available for any of the terminal sizes. Copyright © 2013 Rockwell Automation. no APR has run a particular session with more than 10 stations (10 customers). However. Inc.FAQs  How many Session Terminals can Distributor Order? Cuantas sesiones puede el Distribuidor ordenar?. 9 . you would need to run additional sessions with all the same size. the intent is for 1 size for each session.

Inc. All rights reserved.  I do not understand the difference between Seminar Price and the Special Offer for Attending  Seminar Price is intended to get customer the h/w.FAQs  Can I sell more than 1 Seminar terminal to a customer?Puedo vender mas de un seminario por cliente?  No.  Special Offer.  PVP7 is coming. s/w and initial training and take pricing OFF THE TABLE  Special Offer is to help capitalize on a QUALIFIED opportunity. given we have a customer who paid to attend Seminar price es el costo que viene en la tabla donde se promueve una sola PV. but PVP6 is not going away anytime soon. some distributors are doing this at the time customer given PO for class  Done at the time customer comes to the seminar  What about PVP7 and PV5000  PVP6 is our product for FY14 so we need to sell what we have. not multiple people from one customer location. how do we handle ordering software?  Because this is a paid event. es la venta de una orden de compra por una cuenta que pago por una persona que asistio al seminario o estuvo de oyente (de la misma cuenta)  Logistics.  PV5000 is coming… Copyright © 2013 Rockwell Automation. el software mas cable mas entrenamiento. This program is 1 per customer (business entity). 10 .

as normal 2) Software ordered at the time the customers show up and the Single Point negotiator was standing by the day of seminar to quickly approve zero cost quotes for software) 2. credit approved for stated price  Sales team RA/Distributor should already have agreed to what customers are to be invited Copyright © 2013 Rockwell Automation. Factors to consider:  How many customer targets fit the criteria  How many stations can be supported (typically 10 per seminar)  What size terminal is most appropriate for their market (700 and 1000 most popular)  Terminal and Cable are ordered in as "Stock units“  Software has been ordered in two ways.FAQ – Detailed Distributor Instructions 1. 11 . Applying for the Special Credit Price  To be handled as a normal Ship from Stock and Credit  Distributor applies for quote (discounted hardware and zero cost software)  Provided customer meets the intent of the program. All rights reserved. that I am aware of 1) Customers invited issue PO in advance of class and the software is ordered then. Inc. Distributor to determine how many customers they could support.

rockwellautomation. Inc. Connect with us on LinkedIn.Thank You Follow ROKAutomation on Facebook& Twitter. 12 .com Rev5058-CO900C Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation. www. All rights reserved.