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Solar Car

Vaibhav Vivek Taware
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Solar Cells.
Working of solar cells.
Solar Array.
Solar Tracker.
Electric Motor.
Speed Controller.
Construction .
Solar cars depend on pv cells to convert sunlight into
When sunlight striker pv cells , they excite electrons and
allow them to flow , creating the electric current .
Pv cells are made of semiconductor materials.
What is the solar car ?
A solar vehicle is an electric vehicle powered by a type of
renewable energy ,by solar energy obtained from solar
panels on the surface of the vehicle
Solar cells
A solar cells converts solar energy to electrical energy.
The most solar cells function by the photovoltaic effect .
photo means light and voltaic means electric current or
Power:- 200 Watt.
Voltage:- 24 Volt.
Current:- 8 Amp .
Dimensions:- 2.5 feet to 5 feet.
Working principle of solar cell
When sunlight falls on the pv cell ,it absorbs the energy
from photons and free the electrons from the semi-
conductor .
Photons in sunlight provide the energy that moves electron
from one layer of a semi conducting metallic wafer to
The movement of the electrons creates a current .
A flow of electron takes place which produces an
Solar Array
The array is made up of many (often several hundred)
photovoltaic solar cells.
It collects the direct sun radiation and converts to
The power produced by the solar array varies depending on
the weather, and the sun position.
Power trackers
Power trackers condition the electricity coming from the
solar array to maximize the power and deliver it either to
the batteries for storage or to the motor controller.
When the solar array is charging the batteries ,the power
trackers help to protect the batteries for being damaged by
overcharging .
Electric motor
An electric motor is a device using electric energy to
produce mechanical energy.
An electric motor (Dc motor) is the basic and the most
important part of a solar car . It is used to drive the wheel.
The specifications of the motor are:-
Power: 6500 W
Speed: 2000 rpm
Voltage: 24V
Current: 100 Amps
After the power tracker convert the energy to the energy
that is usable for the car, it send to the battery then the
battery store the energy .
This energy is send to the motor and controller to make the
car run.
Lead acid Battery is used in solar car . Lead- acid batteries
are rechargeable battery . its low manufacturing cost .
Voltage:- 24 volt Dc
Current:-45 Amp
Speed controller
The purpose of a motor speed controller is to take a signal
representing the demanded speed , and to drive a motor at
that speed.
Reduced pollution .
Reduced energy cost.
Produce less noise .
Unlimited source .
High initial cost .
Lesser speed than regular car .
Less efficient in cloudy weather.
What will happen if there is no sunlight ?
If there is no sunlight ,the emergency batteries will be used
. Example in the situation that there was a large cloud cover
the sky , this emergency batteries will be used.
It can be used places where ,fuel based vehicles are banned
due to production of pollution and noise.
In industry where small vehicles are used to perform light
weight conveys work from one place to other place .
Solar car would be an amazing advancement in future car
technology .
They would allow free and pollution less travel with
unlimited accessibility.
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