if any. . on maturity.KYA KAHANI HAI  This is a single premium money back type plan where Single Premium paid under the policy shall be paid back to the policyholder along with Loyalty Additions. In addition. The plan also provides for the payment of Sum Assured in case of death during the term of the policy irrespective of whether or not any survival benefits have been paid earlier. No rider benefits shall be available. the survival benefit instalments are payable on survival of the policyholder till the specified durations.

Survival benefit TERM 9 12 15 After 3 years 15% 15% 15% After 6 years 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% After 9 years After 12 years .

if any. . shall be payable in case of Life Assured surviving to the end of the term.Maturity  Maturity Benefit: Single Premium paid excluding extra premium along with Loyalty Additions.

an amount equal to the Sum Assured shall be payable.death  Death Benefit: On death of the Life Assured during the term of the policy. .

The policy shall. depending upon the experience of the Corporation at such rate and on such terms and conditions as may be considered by the Corporation. the policy may be eligible for payment of Loyalty Addition. . On the Life Assured surviving the stipulated date of maturity.Loyalty addition  This is a participating plan and the policy shall participate in the profits of the Corporation¶s withwithprofits assurance business. however not be eligible for reversionary bonuses and shall participate to a share of profits in the form of Loyalty Addition (one time) only payable on maturity. if any.

payable halfhalfyearly. . The rate of interest to be charged for loan amount would be determined from time to time by the  Immediate Loan facility is available under this plan. Presently the rate of interest is 9% p.a.

2 Lakh and above : 8% .rebate       REBATES / INCENTIVES FOR HIGH SUM ASSURED: High Sum Assured Rebates (As Percentage of Basic Tabular Premium) : Less than Rs. 1 lakh and Less than Rs.000 : NIL Rs. 50.1 Lakh : 5% Rs.2 Lakh : 7% Rs.000 and Less than Rs. 50.

000 // Maximum Sum assured : No limit  Sum Assured will be in multiples of Rs.Kya details hai Eligibility Conditions  Minimum age at entry : 15 years (completed)  Maximum age at entry : 66 years nearer birthday  Maximum age at maturity : 75 years nearer birthday  Term : 9. .  Minimum Sum Assured : Rs.5. 20. 12. or 15 years.000 //only.

Age Proof ± Standard or Non-standard age-proofs are acceptable.        UNDERWRITING. Nonage- . the proposal should be referred to CUS with FMR. Proposal under Bima Nivesh 2005 will be considered on the basis of satisfactory Declaration of Good Health (DGH). No MEDICAL & NO special reports will be called for irrespective of the sum under consideration. When Term Assurance Rider is not opted for :Proposals under Bima Nivesh 2005 plan will be considered independently without clubbing the Sum Under Consideration with previously accepted proposals. AGE PROOF AND MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS: Same as for Bima Nivesh Plan. If DGH is not satisfactory.

.  SURRENDER VALUES (GSV.SSV): The policy can be surrendered for cash after completion of atleast one policy year. The Guaranteed Surrender Value is equal to 90 per cent of the Single Premium paid excluding extra premium paid and the survival benefits paid earlier.

 Terminal benefit.  Bima nivesh maturity proceeds.  Pan not required ?  No tds  Better than bank fd¶s .How to sale & selling points?  Claim recyling= convert your SB . maturity & death claims payments.