‡ From an Islamic perspective. (the word psychology means study of the soul). . which addresses all aspects of the self can emerge. any truly comprehensive psychology can only develop out of a very different set of assumptions. ‡ A different paradigm of knowledge is required. so that a genuine µstudy of the soul¶ can take place and a µgenuine psychology¶.

.his natural condition and personality.Concept of Fitra ‡ Fitra refers to the state of man. The optimistic view of human nature is rooted in this concept. ‡ Even before we were born. or were conceived. ‡ Islam posits that the natural state of man is a positive and µgood¶ state ± one in submission to God. our souls met with Allah.

.Scholars in Islamic Psychology : ‡ From the Islamic point of view spiritual approach to psychotherapy is an aspect of behaviour modification that is based on the relationship between man and his Creator (Allah) which entails an operational paradigm in which faith (Iman) in Allah is the focal point. Iman is both a cognitive and ethical constructs that gather all data and facts in the perspective which is proper to and requisite for a true understanding of the therapeutic processes.

1. Imam Abu Mansur al-Thalabi: ‡ Introduced 50 definition of the word psychology which are: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Janin Walid Rada¶i Baligh .

. defense mechanism and breeding mechanism. .Introduced how we used µakal¶ .‡ 2. .From the strength. human develop survival instinct.µAkal¶ is the trigger of our strength that derived the µroh¶.Discussed about µroh¶. Al-Farabi .

Plants Ruh . Human Ruh b. Ibnu Sina µRuh¶ are divided into 3 part which are: a. Animal Ruh c.3.

Ibnu Rusyd His masterpiece from µAl-Tuhafat al tahafut¶ said that human¶s ruh will be still alive even after we death.Psychology Islamic Scholars are: 4. .

Roh is the soul that make human.5. Human¶s µruh¶ are everlasting and endless but animal and plants µroh¶ are destroyed . animal and plants live in this world. Imam Ghazali His masterpiece Ihya µUlumuddin differentiate between ruh and the body.

Its connection to the body as a fetus in his mother¶s womb. . Its connection to the body after a person is born.The Connection of the Spirit to the Body According to Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah. to which different rules apply: 1. the spirit (ar-ruh) is connected to the body in five different ways. 2.

. Its connection to the body in al-Barzakh (the period between a person¶s death and the Day of Resurrection). when the spirit is connected in one way and separated from it in another way.3. Its connection to the body when a person is asleep. 4. when it has departed from the body and separated from it. but is not separated completely in such a way that there is no connection at all. This returning is of a special nature which does not mean that the life is restored to the body before the Day of Resurrection.

and has no comparison to the previous types. . This is the most perfect type of connection to the body. sleep or have anything wrong with it. Its connection to the body on the Day when bodies will be resurrected.5. because after that the body will never die.

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