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and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people ” .DEFINITION Slang means “a type of language that consists of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal. are more common in speech than writing.

Spanish slang and South African slang. and common slang. .  Every culture and every region has its own slang. English regions such as Wales. 3. Urban slang is spoken by those from the city or by African-Americans. Common slang is used by almost everybody. urban slang. Country slang is used by those who are in the rural parts of a country 2. Ireland and Scotland also have their own slang. 1. Some of these include American slang.DEFINITION  Slang can be divided into four different types. Costa Rican slang. country slang.

feeling cliché. . etc). harsh words. rather conveniently than use precise and briefly. words • More • Insults friend comfortable to indirectly by talk with friends saying sarcastic (share stories. or impolite / jokes.ADVANTAGE AND DISADVANTAGE OF USING SLANG  Friends advantage disadvantage • Help people to • Most of slang express their word too short.

 Older people advantage disadvantage • Older people should • Inappropiate know slang used in language used by contemporary times young people that so do not miss out on bucking the language this modern age. of the old people • Easy to communicate used. with young people • Difficult to and can easily use understand the slang modern technologies. because of slang word too short and give many meaning. .

Having own uninitiated. are often ridiculed for • Different ethnic of their attempted use of this community can learn slang. . Ethnic group advantage disadvantage • Help to identify those • Creates a barrier to part of community or communicate with ethnic. misunderstanding. and exchange each other’s knowledge (getting more experience). assimilate into the event and etc. Leads to identity. Newcomers (celebration. • Can share common • Harder for people to background. activities. food). community.

 co-workers advantage disadvantage • Using informal • People that don't language is more understand the friendly to discuss lingo may be with co-workers unclear on • The information communications. are not good for work use. can be quickly and and even feel left more understand out or isolated by should not the use of it. figurative • slang words that language. .

patterns. • Confusing. slang because of language use. People living in the same region advantage disadvantage • It still uses the • Difficult to same language understand the generally. and dialects. .

In one of the essays in Consider the Lobster David Foster Wallace makes the point that even people who speak only one language will usually speak several dialects. But a really proficient user of English (or any language) uses slang in the proper place. it doesn't ruin it. . although we don't usually consider them dialects. Speaking-to-boss English is different from speaking-to-friends English and so on.SLANG SOMETIMES BREAK THE RULE OF LANGUAGE ?  Slang enriches English.

.. presumably that's because it helps you communicate what you want to.  Because common accepted English (or whatever language) is insufficient to capture the nuances of what you'd like to say.  Because it's the language you know for describing what you're trying to describe. discuss which has become part of common usage of late). why can't they just say 'Gym'?")  To deliberately indicate the informality of the communication..Language is used to communicate.g. So if you're using slang. Some reasons to use slang include: To identify yourself as a member of a sub-group in which the slang is prevalent..  To ensure that only folks "in the know" understand what you're saying (see "rhyming slang").  Because it's more efficient (e.  Because using the formal equivalent may seem snotty ("I hate it when people use big words like 'Gymnasium'.

 However occasionally a slang word will become more permanent. English can be enriched with new words. . but sometimes it will enter more formal language. or may be used by one or two generations only. If often follows fashions and fads. In this way. Slang often comes and goes. soon to die and never to be used again. often informal to begin with. and end up in a dictionary. most slang is not permanent. and enter the language as a word.

this world would be like language remain how they learned it or how they think it should be are the people that spread this myth. if slang did not exist.IMAGINE A WORLD IN WHICH SLANG DID NOT EXIST. . But how do they think their language got to that point?  They don’t understand about the language in easier way and they will think inside the box without understanding the meaning of the language. WHAT WOULD THIS WORLD BE LIKE?  In my opinion.

Slang words that deserve it will survive the evolutionary test and become part of the language. and the others would like it to progress more quickly. Slang enriches English. . and even traditionalists would agree that they change over time.  I'm somewhere in the middle. evolving things. I love the influx of new words into the language.  The difference between traditionalists and those who insist on using slang all the time is that the traditionalists would like the progress of the language to go a bit slower. Languages are living. but I hate to see fad words being used only because they make the speaker seem cool.

but slang are being used in nowadays and they need to learn and adapt with new environment to make communication well. and we think we are understood. there is no point in categorizing the source.WOULD TEENAGERS AND ADULT GET ALONG BETTER BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS USED THE SAME LANGUAGE?  Communication gives us the feel that we have connected.  Its not easy for adult to adapt with teenager’s slang. .

they are faced with a choice of words. Every time we use a word or an expression. we vote for it. . And this is all language truly is.WOULD PEOPLE BE HONEST?  Every time anyone opens their mouth. It's existence based on utility at its purest.

because Slang up vote your favorite words. . and it's less dependent on language than we are led to think.WOULD YOU LIKE LIVE IN THIS WORLD?  I don’t like to live in this world if slang word does not exist. Communication is what is most important. The state of any language is temporary. Its help for better communication and more up to date.

. .It will many misunderstand because of lack of communication.Every country have their own language and slang that might be miscommunication between two country. If slang exist – .

It would be good because people would be more honest and life get easier . Easy to understand each due to the same slang and no differences at all . If slang does not exist:- .

professional and leisure time groups create slangs. new forms of language arise: class division creates socialists. and different social. . regional divergence creates dialects.g: when people form different groups. Because every different ages have their own slang in daily life  E.