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Electronic System Design


Teaching Scheme Exam Scheme
Lectures : 02 Hrs/Wk Oral : 50 Marks
Practicals: 02 Hrs/Wk

Instructor: K.S.Khandelwal, Sinhgad College of Engineering,

E&TC Deptt.
Electronic System Design 1
Unit-I: Design of SMPS
General Diagram of SMPS, Advantages of SMPS, Comparison between
SMSP and Linear Power Supply.
Basic Concept of Switching Regulator
Basic Topologies: Step down converter, Step up Converter, Flyback
Converter, Forward Converter
Performance Parameters of SMPS
Selection criteria of Switching Element, Diode, Filter Capacitor and
PWM Circuit
High Frequency Transformer Design (Steps only)
Protection circuit for SMPS

Electronic System Design 2

Lecture 6
PWM Circuit
UC 3842
Pin diagram
Pin functions
Block functions
Design examples and formulae's

Electronic System Design 3

UC3842 Current Mode PWM Controller
The UC3842 is the high performance fixed frequency current mode controller.
The integrated circuits of UC3842 are trimmed oscillator, high gain error
amplifier, current sensing comparator and high current totem pole output.
These devices are available in an 8 pin PDIP packages and 14 pin SOIC
The UC3842 has under-voltage lockout (UVLO) threshold of 16V (on) and 10V
(off). In other words, to power on the UC3842, we need to gradually increase
until 16V and then reduce to the normal operating voltage. Reduce the supply
voltage below 10V will power off the UC3842.

Electronic System Design 4

Pin Diagram and Pin Functions

Figure: Pin Conection.

Electronic System Design 5

Block Diagram

Electronic System Design 6

Loop Compensator Network

The pin 1 and pin 2 will provide the connection to the loop
The value of the components shown in
Figure can be calculated by using the follow

Figure: Loop compensator circuit. Electronic System Design 7

Oscillator configuration

The oscillator configuration is used to set the switching frequency, fsw for
UC3842. We can program the switching frequency through the pin 4 (RT /
CT pin) by using a capacitor CT and a resistor RT.
For RT > 5k, the switching frequency is equal to:

Electronic System Design 8

Slope Compensation
In UC3842, the slope compensation
can be done by injecting a portion of
oscillator ramp waveform to the
actual primary current sense signal.
A fraction of the oscillator ramp can
be resistively semmed with the
current sense signal.
This method can provides a slope
compensation for converter
requiring duty cycles over 50%.
Figure shows the implementation of
slope compensation in UC3842.
Figure :Implementation of slope compensation in UC3842.

The Rf is set 1k and Rslope is 1.87k. Electronic System Design 9

The UC3842 current sense input is configured as shown in Figure
Current-to-voltage conversion is done externally with ground-referenced resistor Rs.
Under normal operation the peak voltage across Rs is controlled by the E/A according to
the following relation: where VC = control voltage = E/A output voltage.
The control to sensed current gain
The inverting input to the UC3842 current-sense comparator is internally clamped to 1V.
Current limiting occurs if the voltage at pin 3 reaches this threshold value, i.e., the current
limit is defined by:

Electronic System Design

Figure :Current Sensing and 10
Error Amplifier
The error amplifier (E/A)
configuration is shown in Figure
The non-inverting input is not
brought out to a pin, but is
internally biased to 2.5V 2%.
The E/A output is available at pin
1 for external compensation,
allowing the user to control the
converters closed-loop frequency

Figure. E/A Configuration

Electronic System Design 11
SMPS design using UC 3842


Switching Elements

Loop compensation
circuit suitable for
stabilizing any current-
mode controlled
Electronic System Design 12
Current sensing
End of Lecture 6

Electronic System Design 13