Introduction of SQL Server Reporting Services

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Introduction Of Report Services
Report bridge the gap between nontechnical decision makers and the database which we make it understandable, robust, complete, consistent and stable. Role of Report Developer : Speed and availability  Accuracy and timeliness  The Right amount of detail-not too much, not too little.  Consistent, organized, and easily interpreted formatting and presentation.

Anatomy of a Report
A Reporting services report consists of data sources, data set, parameters, and the report layout or design. Data Sources A data source contains the connection information for a database or data file and includes the data source type, connection string, and credentials. Data Source Types 
    Microsoft SQL Server XML Oracle OLE DB ODBC

Common Data Source Connection Strings
The below connection string shows connection between report and database. In data source is equal to server name and actual database name is MSBI . Data Source=BISP;Initial Catalog=MSBI Further processes  Create Data Set  Build Query  Design the report layout  Add and Configure report parameters  Preview the report

Reporting Fields 

OLAP Report Pie-Chart Tree Report Bar-Chart Tree Report Tree Map Report SQL Report Crystal Report Data Mining Report KPI Report 

Reporting Services Report Analysis Services KPI Report ROLAP Report Dashboard Report Chart Grid Report Moving Bubble Report Chart Grid Report Web Services Report

High Level Architecture
Report Server- The core engine that drives Reporting Services. Report Manager- It is web based administrative interface for reporting services. Report Designer- It is developer tool for building complex reports. Report Builder- It is end user tool for building reports. Report Server Database- Store report definitions. Data Source- Store several database.
Report Builder Report Designer

Report Manager

Report Server

Report Server Database

Data Source

Reporting Services Three Tier Architecture
Application Tier

Middle Tier Data Tier

Starting Services
When you want to create report so the first step is to check that all SQL Server services are running or not. When services are in start mode then only you can use there utility. Start Run services.msc

You can start all required services, just right click start. You can also change status of Services as shown in the box.

Configuration of Report Service
You can deploy your report on web if you configured report service manager correctly. Once installation complete successfully you have to check that all components install completely. All component have install as shown in the below image. Go to All Programs Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Configuration Tools Reporting Services Configuration Manager

Connect to Report Server
To connect with report server instance first select Server and report server instance . Image 1 Click to connect . . . Image 2 Shows running status.


Service Account
There is three built-in-account Local System, Network Service and Local Services. If you are using windows authentication account then it is better to use Local System account. There is one more setting to create backup file.

Service Account
Below image shows that account is creating in windows authentication mode. It will take administrator privileges for login.

Service Account
Result shows that reporting services account has created with administrator privilege.

Web Server URL
In this step you can create web server URL for access report on web. Give name to virtual directory. It is recommended that assign all IP address to report server. If you assign only one then there will be restriction to use that only. The complete report service URL is in the Box.

Report Server Database
Below image shows report server database which is currently using by server.

Report Manager URL
This the actual URL where your report manager exist. Remember that virtual directory name should not be same as virtual directory name in web services.

Click Apply, Result shows report manager is successfully configured.

E-Mail Setting
SMTP settings which can send e-mail from the server.

Execution Account settings
You can create execution account and set there password. Remember that the account name should have in <Domain>\<Alias> format.

Report server keeps credential, connection strings and other important data in to encrypted format. It is important file so you have to provide password security to this file.

This shows that server and instance are joined.

View Report on web
Click on URL which connect you to the report manager.

Web Manager
First you have login into reporting service account. Then you can access report manager on web. Report manager use to keep report after deployment, data source and report builder. You can set setting of site. You can create new account for your site.

SQL Server Reporting Services is a set of processing components, tools, and programmatic interfaces that support the development and use of rich reports in a managed environment. Component Tools Report Server Development Report Designer Configuration Model Designer Administration Report Manager Report viewing

How to create Report?
You can take any business query to understand, How to build report? Query Find which product sale is more then Rs.1,00,000 in a particular quarter of the year. Solution Requirement 1. Install Microsoft Business Intelligence 2. Relational database

Connection With Database
Start All Program Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SQL Server Management Studio Select your server and connect with database. Below image shows that server is connected with database.

Start Report Project
All Program Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence Development Studio Open Project File New Project

Give Project Name. Here the project name is "Samples .

Creating Data Source
When you create a new project then that project comes into Solution Explorer . There will be two sub folder Shared Data Source and Report. Image 1 Right Click on Shared Data Source and add a new one. Image 2 Give the Database name select type click on Edit Button. Image 3 Select your server then database then click ok.

1 3


Data Source Connection String
The connection string has created. Which shown in connection string box. You can access database when you have correct connection string

Creating Report
Right Click on Report Folder and add new report. Select the datasource, which is in your shared data source BISP . Other things you already selected.

Click Next

Build Query
Now you need to build query for fetching data from database. Image 1 Query Builder help you to build query. Image 2 Right click on query area popup window will come. You can bring required tables in to data model.



Data Model
This is a user interface environment where you can build data model. You can select field which you want to fetch. You can add filters, group by, sorting and where clause. You need not to write hole query.

Query Builder brings build query to fetch require data. You also can write query in query string panel. Go to Next.

Report Design
You can customize the report type. This report type is matrix. You Can add fields in to required area as this example shows that year will come in the Top of report page. Columns have quarter , Rows have country , Product_line , Store_type and detail area has amount_sales

Report Design
You can select style and color of report. You should give report name which is relevant to query. This is the last step to create report.

Report Preview
This is the preview of build report which is in visual studio environment only. You need to deploy in to view it from web.

Report Deployment
To deployment of report you need to go in solution explorer and right click on project. Then select deploy option. You will have deployment setting in that you need to specify your server name where you want to deploy your report.

Web Environment
Below image shows the web environment from where you can access your report. You can see Samples project has come in home page of your site. Image 1 Click on Samples . Image 2 Only one report in the project Click on report.

1 2

Web View of Report
Below is deployed view of report. You have option to export in to different format. This is the final solution of business query. This shows the product those sales is more then Rs.100000.

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