Mother Dairy was set up in 1974 under the Operation Flood Programme. It is now a wholly owned company of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). Mother Dairy gets significant part of its requirement of liquid milk from dairy cooperatives Mother Dairy also sources fruits and vegetables from farmers / growers associations. Mother Dairy is an IS/ISO 9002 certified organization. Moreover, its Quality Assurance Laboratory is certified by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratory (NABL)-Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.    

Mother Dairy markets approximately 2.8 million litres of milk daily in the markets of Delhi, Mumbai, Saurashtra and Hyderabad. It undertakes its marketing operations through around 14,000 retail outlets and 845 exclusive outlets of Mother Dairy. It derives competitive advantage from its unique distribution network of bulk vending booths, retail outlets and mobile units. The company also markets fresh fruit and vegetable products under the brand name SAFAL in various parts of the country. 

The Company has a modern distribution facility in Delhi with an annual capacity of 200,000 MT. In addition to its market leadership in India, Mother Dairy is also exporting its dairy products to international markets. A 100 percent EOU (Export Oriented Unit), setup in 1996 at Mumbai supplies quality products in the international market. Mother Dairy has also been marketing the Dhara range of edible oils for the last few years.







Mother Dairy wants to get into bigger markets and have bigger shares in those markets like  Delhi home ground  Ahmedabad in Gujarat  Mumbai  Hyderabad Why ? 

Becoz of viable distribution network In these states milk market is approximately 40 to 42 lakh litre a day. 

For the first 22 years of its existence, liquid milk was the only dairy product that Mother Dairy offered It was in 1996 that it came up with ice-creams

But the real growth came, when it introduced  Curd  Flavoured milk  Lassi  Mishti doi  Edible oil  Butter  Vegetables brand Safal  Introduction of corn and mixed vegetables

As far as other dairy products are concerned, Mother Dairy plans to expand across the board becoz of they see enough market potential. 

In ice creams, Mother Dairy extended its operation from Delhi UP and Punjab to Haryana, Jaipur, Mumbai and Kolkata & south to Hyderabad and Bangalore In the case of butter and cheese, it was first present across north India, Mumbai and Kolkata, now plans to enter Bangalore Non-dairy products are concerned, edible-oil brand Dhara has already has nationwide presence. In UTH milk, it has entered Mumbai and the milk-short areas of West Bengal and north-east   

Mother Dairy trying to take its product campaigns and communications to a higher platform For instance  In the case of milk, the campaigns do not talk about the obvious benefits ± ³milk is good for health, it has calcium and so on ´ But rather it Targets children and are created around ideas such as "The country needs you, grow faster".


In November 2005, retailers in Delhi displayed banners proclaiming, "Cheese ke saath bees ki cheez,³ A proposal that said if a consumer buys Mother Dairy cheese, the retailer can offer him anything worth Rs 20 from the shop Which worked better than offering something free with the product, which the consumer didn't even needs. Mother Dairy has been carrying out school programmes - games and activities ± involving Makkhan Singh in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata It also runs a gaming website on the character to attract children.




The idea is not just to enter new markets, but to do well in those markets Through quality of the offerings as well as innovations in products. Bigger market shares in the different product categories in whichever market it is present. Their attempt is to make the taste experience in ice creams as familiar as possible Through quality of the offerings as well as innovations in products. While curd from an MNC player is probably based on international formulation, but mother dairy formulated it to taste as close to home-made curd as possible.     

Food biz: feeling the heat? While Mother Dairy aspires to be a food biggie in the near future, presently its fruit and vegetable venture is constantly threatened with entry of biggies like ‡ Reliance. ‡ Dabur ‡ Brittania  Sunil Bansal Fruits and Vegetables Division of Mother Dairy, however, defends his turf saying that ³other players have a presence far away from the city hubs, but we have a strong presence in the neighbourhood. Moreover, we are comparatively low priced and factors like our µtouch and buy¶ policy have made us consumer friendly,´ he snaps. Dabur already commands the Rs.500 crore packaged fruit based drink market

Milma Foods Ltd. (MFL), the joint venture marketing company established in March 2003 by Mother Dairy India Ltd., a subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), and the Kerala Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (KCMMF), the State cooperative that owns Kerala's market-leader milk brand `Milma', has ceased operation

A similar proposed JV in AP isn't yet off the mark. Another JV with Uttaranchal state co-operative is moving at a very slow pace. 

The mission of KCMMF was "the prosperity of its farmers through the satisfaction of its customers". But the primary motive of the new joint venture company, was to seek profits for its shareholders. Importantly, the majority of the shareholders in the enterprise (in which Mother Dairy held 51 per cent stake) were not dairy farmers. the take-over of the key marketing function of the state dairy co-operative federations by the Mother Dairy Foods Ltd, a subsidiary marketing company due to which they incurred huge losses. For several months after the MFL came into being, Mother Dairy failed to appoint a suitable person to head the key department of marketing

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