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Al Hayah Kindergarten

Name: Mariam Yousif

Course Code: EPC-3403
Course Name: Practium 3a
Course Teacher: Antoinette Wiseman
Entrance of the school:

This is Al Hayah Kindergarten, the entrance of the school have a reception and chairs for
parents to wait for their children until finish the school.
Sections of the School
This section includes books shelves, learning games for students and its the
most beneficial place for both of the teacher and students because the teacher
will use materials from there to deliver the lesson information for students in
an easy way and students can go there to read stories or play games to earn
Resource room:
This room contains materials or stuff for the teachers if they
didnt receive a particular things they need in the library.
The playground area is the exciting place in
the school for students to have fun with their
friends in the break time.
Bus area:
This is the area where all the students wait for
the assistance teacher to take them to the
Work Activities (Examples of Differentiation):
Students have an ice corn with
I placed on the ground an
different pictures of the letters,
Students have a laminated insect pictures with the several
then, they created an ice
paper with letter (I, i) and letters on it, then the students
cream corn through placing
marker, they used the marker used a stick to strick the insect
pictures that started with the
to write the letter (I, i). picture that have the letter (i).
letter (i) on top of the corn.
Special Activity:
Al Hayah kindergarten created a
flag day by inviting two officers to
encourage the students, and I
went with my MSTs to attend that
Reflection about a certain activity:
The good aspect:
In the English lessons, I taught students the letter (t) lesson and they were
writing the letter in a correct way. However, when I asked them to give me a
word that starts with the letter (t), they didnt knew all the words so I showed
them pictures that start with the letter (t) to students tell me the words. Thus, I
faced many difficulties to teach students several words, but at the end I
succeeded in it.

The bad aspect:

The point that requires my attention was monitoring and direct all the
students while they are working in the activities because some students were
taking lots of time in solving the activities, so from that I didnt monitor all the
students and it was a wrong method of teaching. Thus, I should manage my
time in the classroom to do my all duties as a teacher with all the students.
PDP goal:
Professional Learning Goal and Activities
Area Professional Learning Strategies Evidence of Progress Target Date Date Achieved
No. Goal Towards Goal

1. Maintaining eye -Get closer to the MST and MCT 1-11-2017

contact students. notes.

-Focus on the
students during the