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The Stories of Thai MNEs

What is Multinational Enterprises (MNEs)

Is a business entity which conducts business

operations in various countries with its subsidiaries
and affiliates.
MNEs possess considerable and wide human
resources, finance, expertise, and technology as well
as enjoy the substantial competitive advantage.
Management Team
SCG Vision

Commitment to Growing Firmly alongside ASEAN

Achieving Sustainable Progress through Innovation
Following the Royal Footsteps with Regard to the
principles of Sufficiency Economy.
Corporate Profile

SCG was established in 1913 following a royal decree of

His Majesty King Rama VI to produce cement, the main
building material for infrastructure projects that greatly
contributed to the progress of the country during
that period.
Corporate Profile

The Group's longstanding tradition of learning,

adjustment and development in all areas has enabled
SCG to survive the wave of crises and challenges and earn
widespread recognition as a role model for other
businesses, both locally and internationally.
Corporate Profile

Black Canyon (Thailand) Company., Limited. was

established in 1993 to operate specialty coffee houses,
serving to its customers international and Thai food
dishes and specialty coffee drinks of the highest quality.

Black Canyon Coffee A drink from Paradiseavailable on Earth

Black Canyon Coffee

Today, Black Canyon has expanded its business operations, and

is located in shopping malls, hospitals, universities, gas stations,
convention centers and many airports throughout the country.
In addition, Black Canyon has expansion into abroad such as
Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and

Black Canyon Coffee A drink from Paradiseavailable on Earth

Black Canyon Coffee

The great success of Black Canyon has been achieved both

within its organization and at the national level.
And, they have achieved several awards in both national and
international competitions with these achievements being
absolute indications of the high quality standards of Black

Black Canyon Coffee A drink from Paradiseavailable on Earth

Black Canyon Coffee

Black Canyon is determined to maintain its being position in the

leading high quality specialty coffee and international Thai food retail
services business.
Starting from the first cup of coffee it served in 1993, Black canyon has
since served million cups of coffee to both Thai and foreign customers.
This guarantees that Black Canyon, a strong and leading Thai-owned
brand, has moved towards being more international through its
determination to continue to always serve premium specialty coffee and
super food dishes to customers.

Black Canyon Coffee A drink from Paradiseavailable on Earth

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