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Woodland Brand Essence



Woodland Brand Identity Prism

A Trust, Eco-friendly, U
T Reliability, L
I Adventure Canadian T
Woodland Brand Image

Value for

Outdoor Tough

Nature Long lasting

Woodland Brand Equity
Woodland Brand Architecture
Strategic Business Analysis
Brand Goal- to emerge as the leading premium
outdoor adventure brand that provides high quality
and eco-friendly footwear and apparels.
Target Segment- 18-28 year old young explorers
Competitors- No specific competition in the outdoor
adventure segment. However, major footwear brands
like Nike, Reebok, Adidas etc do comprise the
competitive environment.
Relevant trends-
Increase in the demand for fashion footwear.
Diversification into apparels.
Key drivers going forward-
Womens footwear
Woodland Product Portfolio

Footwear Apparels Accessories

High quality Premium genuine

Outdoor wear product belts and
Woodland Woods Woods
shoes (Luxury) shoe care
Long lasting, High quality Maintain the
rugged product premium product quality and
for adventure that combines the looks for a
sports benefits of styling long time
and long lasting
Product Purpose & Role in Portfolio
Product Purpose Role
Woodland shoes Flagship Driver
Woods shoes Strategic Sub-brand
Apparels & Accessories Strategic Co-driver
Woods Shoe care Distinguisher Ingredient

Reasons to buy
Woodland Positioning


Trust Points of Parity

Catchy and modern

Eco- Premium Affiliation

friendly with sports
and Brand Mantra Genuine
recyclable Rugged, high leather
raw quality premium
materials Rugged casual shoes Tree
Adventure Durable
sports Leather
Points of Difference
color Thick
Woodland Shoe Care Products sole

Executional Properties/
Visual Identity
Woodland Positioning Statement

For 18-28 year old young explorers, Woodland

provides you a range of premium footwear
which is tough and eco-friendly because it uses
genuine leather and environment friendly
products like organic cotton and recycled paper.
Adventure, Explore
Trendy and
Daring, more, go Extra tough
Fearless Pro Planet

Sales Promotion
Print All the ads depict the brand philosophy of nature, tough, fearless,
adventurous, outdoor and daring.
Events and Experiences (Digital + On the Ground)
Woodlands Director Cut
Woodland organized the national
competition of Woodland Directors Cut
as part of its association with the Nokia
India Fest 2013.
Woodland gave youth, an opportunity to
experience and shoot adventure.
Woodland had also installed countrys
first-ever mobile rock climbing wall that
Very recently, the brand was enjoyed by the participants
launched its most exciting
digital campaign on
Facebook called
Woodland -Adventurer
Wanted in which it is
looking for the 'Extreme
Explorer' to discover
unexplored adventure
destinations around the
world. The job Extreme
Explorer comes with
enriching experiences
including living costs and
a film crew.
Events and Experiences (Digital + On the Ground)
Another exciting campaign on
YouTube, Woodland- Whats
your Adventure Quotient,
aimed to find a new talented
filmmaker. The winner went
along with the professional team
to shoot Woodlands campaign
for the season and got hands-on
experience. For adventurists
who are budding filmmakers, it
was the best of both worlds.

Keeping with its adventure spirit, Woodland brought

its annual property Advenature 2012. Ex-Roadie
Suchit Vikram Singh inaugurated the event along with
Mr. Harkirat Singh, Managing Director, Woodland
Worldwide. The audiences had all the fun while
challenging Ex-Roadie Suchit Singh. The winners of
Advenature-2012 held in the city were short-listed by
a lucky draw to be a part of Woodland Adventure
Camp organized at Manali.
As part of ADVENATURE, the participants got an
opportunity to experience enticing adventure
through activities like paragliding, rafting and
Interactive & Digital
IMC Below the Line Activation
The Pro Planet Initiative- Woodland MTV Eco-Lution- Mall activations are carried
It involves high level of Tied up with MTV for a to encourage outdoor
interaction with consumers digital campaign, where sports events.
using social media people could plant a virtual
(Facebook & Twitter), tree on Woodlands
Ties up with schools and
raising awareness on facebook page and the
colleges and has created
environmental issues and Woodland team planted a
adventure zones that have
sustainability, and real one on the ground.
some adventure sports
communicating what Within four months, the
Woodland is doing to make team planted almost 60000
its products and processes. trees.

Publicity & PR
Sponsors different athletes
such as Ajit Bajaj, first Indian
Skier to reach North Pole.
Re-positioning- Woods
Aero Group makers of outdoor footwear and apparels brand
Woodland is looking to re-position Woods, which up till recently
was a part of the Woodland portfolio, as a standalone luxury
footwear sub-brand. Woods will focus, primarily, on womens
footwear. A separate retail identity, that includes branding and
creating standalone outlets, will be carved out during the year
2013-14. At least 30 stores at a proposed cost of Rs 50-60 crore
have also been planned.
Luxury footwear
Woods will cater to the luxury footwear segment with focus on
ladies wear. Nearly 60 per cent of the offerings will be for women
while the remaining 40 per cent will be for men, Harkirat Singh,
Managing Director, Woodland, said.
As part of its revamping and repositioning strategy, it will develop
Woods as a premium formal range of footwear and apparel for both
men and women.
The company also plans to have a separate marketing team for
Woods, in addition to the separate distribution channel.
Woodland Global Expansion
Adventure shoe maker Woodland's global expansion plans have an
element of adventure. It will have own distribution network and deal with
retail chains in foreign countries directly rather than tying up with a
foreign partner for the same, said Harkirat Singh, managing director
of Aero Group, which owns the Woodland brand.
Aero Group plans to have a presence in 100 retail outlets in Hong Kong
and China alone by FY14. It already has a marketing office in Hong Kong.
Once the brand gets a strong foothold in these markets, it plans to open
own stores to increase presence.
It ruled out any plans to rope in a strategic partner to feed the foreign
expansion needs. The company seems to think it is better to go on their
own strength rather than divesting a partial stake. Every country has its
own operating models and the existing retail chains in these countries are
a good carrier for a brand like Woodland. Woodland is already there, but is
looking at minimum 100 retail chains in the next fiscal.
Currently, 20 per cent of the company's total revenue comes from the
exports. The youth-oriented brand is also eyeing geographies such as
Australia, Europe and southeast Asia.