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Structure Organization


Production HRD Marketing Financial Purchasing Warehouse

Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager

Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff

Job Desription
General Manager

1. Plan an implementation strategy on company policy as a

whole to run optimally
2. Monitoring the implementation of company policies and
strategies and ensuring smooth implementation to be able to
run optimally and appropriately
3. Control and evaluate strategy implementation in order to
obtain strategic input as a proposal for next year's policy.
4. Evaluate and analyze the results of the implementation of
corporate strategy and seek suggestions on problem solving
that arise.
5. Direct the function of each department in executing the
company's strategy
Job Desription
Production Manager
1. Prepare short-term and long-term programs of the
company's products Prepare the materials needed for the
production process.
2. Conducting a production process that turns a raw material
into finished product that is ready to be marketed.
3. To evaluate whether the goods of the company's products
are in accordance with the standard quality that has been
determined or in accordance with customer orders.
4. Production division also still consists of sub-division again,
such as the packaging, packaging, storage and others.
5. Responsible for processing of production workflow.
Job Desription
HRD Manager
1. Plan, develop and implement strategies in human resource management
and development (including recruitment and selection of policies /
practices, discipline, complaints, counseling, wages and requirements,
contracts, training and development, succession planning, morale and
motivation, culture and attitude development and work morale,
achievement management and quality management matters - and
others (added as long as they are relative)
2. Establish and maintain appropriate systems to measure important
aspects of HR development
3. Monitor, measure and report on issues, opportunities, HR-related
development plans and achievements on an agreed time scale and form
/ format.
4. Set up and develop a direct staff (who conducts direct reports to them).
5. Manage and control HR spending per department according to approved
Job Desription
Manajer Marketing
1. Melakukan perencanaan, strategi, kegiatan promosi serta mengorganisir
semua aktivitas pemasaran danstrategi marketing guna memastikan
target departemen yang telah ditetapkan dapat tercapai.
Job Desription
Financial Manager
1. Mengkoordinasikan pengendalian kegiatan Akuntansi Manajemen,
Keuangan, dan Sistem Informasi Keuangan.
2. Melakukan analisis terhadap laporan keuangan dan laporan
akuntansi manajemen perusahaan.
3. Melaksanakan pengendalian dan pengawasan bidang keuangan
sesuai dengan target yang ditentukan.
4. Mengkoordinasikan penyusunan Rencana Kerja dan Anggaran
Perusahaan (RKAP).
5. Mengusulkan sistem dan prosedur akuntansi dan keuangan yang
memadai untuk pengembangan sistem informasi akuntansi &
keuangan dan bentuk-bentuk pelaporan.
6. Mengevaluasi dan menyampaikan laporan keuangan (neraca,
laporan laba/rugi, laporan arus kas) yang auditable secara berkala
beserta perinciannya (bulanan, triwulan maupun akhir tahun)
sesuai dengan kebijakan akuntansi kepada Direksi.
Job Desription
Purchasing Manager
1. Receive and review requests for goods from all parts, both daily and
monthly Supervisors.
2. Inspect the accuracy of inspection with budget and or requirement.
3. Conducting data collection to supplier in terms of price, readiness and
accuracy of delivery and quality of goods they offer as data to conduct
supplier selection
4. Conduct purchase process from start of application, price quote,
preparation of administrative completeness to control of purchase
5. Prepare payments through other petty cash and data collection of such
6. Review and recap monthly purchases and budget-based accuracy
7. Coordinate with other parts for conformity of goods specifications and
delivery times.
8. Carry out other related tasks in the cashier administration issue.
Job Desription
Warehouse Manager
1. Entering goods
2. Increase the expenditure of goods from end users
3. Creating a report on the release of goods, the import of goods and the
rest of the final stock.
4. Inventory
Business Cycle
Job Desription
Job Desription
Job Desription
Job Desription