By : •Mohamed AlDiDy . •Amany Nabil. •Abdulrhman A.


• Company Profile • Brand Strategy • Brand Audit • Brand Element • Brand Planning • Brand Execution • Brand Position

•Ceramica Cleopatra is an Egyptian pioneer in the world of ceramic and porcelain sanitary ware production. •It is one of the biggest private companies in Egypt. Characterized by its activity and integration. • Ceramica Cleopatra has managed since its start in 1987 to make such great developments and improvements in the field of ceramics industry that it stands now as the only pioneer of this industry both in Egypt and the Middle East, and to be one of the greatest producers of Ceramics, porcelain and sanitary wares worldwide.

Vision and Mission
• VISION: “Our vision is to become the no.1 leading ceramic manufacturers in the Middle East & go global” • MISSION STATEMENT: “We innovate designs to fit all our customers”

Brand Equity

Market share

17 company

Brand growth Brand became mature People change their perception over time Market also change rapidly Go Global (time to innovate)


Company strategy

Brand Strategy ‫رائدة صناعة السيراميك في‬ ‫الشرق الوسط‬

Marketing strategy

Mark et share


Existing Existing

Product Category

New 1. 2. 3. 4. Cleopatra Agricultural. Cleopatra Silicon Valley Cleopatra Tourism . Cleopatra Mineral Resources .

Line Extension*

Brand Extension*

Multi-Brand New

New Brands *

•Brand Elements •Brand Awareness •Brand attributes •Brand image

•When we deal with brand elements we talk about: •Brand name: ceramica Cleopatra, a name are widely known. •Brand logo: the logo of ceramica Cleopatra has been the same for several years. •Slogan : the use of a specific slogan. ‫ رائدة صناعة السيراميك في الشرق الوسط‬ ‫تصميمات إيطالية بأيدي مصرية‬ •There are some criteria to judge whether or not these are good brand elements here is some: •Meaningful: comes from the Egyptian culture (the queen ) •Memorable: easy to remember with its unique logo, and the music of the adv. •Adaptability : The logo is flexible over time and today it does not look oldfashioned at all. •Protect ability: protected, registered trademark. •Likeable : comes from the culture, everyone likes history


We made the survey on 50 persons We found that:
1.Ceramic Cleopatra is the best ceramic in Egypt ,owing to its unique designs ,and durability. 2.The most recognizing thing for Cleopatra is the music of the adv, which leaves an impression of magnificence and greatness of ceramic Cleopatra . 3.The logo and the name is well recognized , hardly any one can miss it.

Brand attribute
• It is a local Egyptian company. • Own unique designs “Italian designs” • Unique sounds and music that is very memorable.

Tangible :
Designs: The designs vary from soft textures to deep design impressions. Edges: Tiles can be purchased with a square edge., you will notice that there is no bowing. Surface: When selecting a Ceramic Cleopatra tile you will notice that our tiles do not have pits, chips or black spots on the surface.

•feeling : Egyptian good product comes from the culture . •Idea : think that it’s a pioneer local company . •Need : Good quality product . With magnificent design . •Experience : durable and high quality product

•Brand planning •Objectives •Product life cycle •KPIs •IMC Channels

B .Planning

S: to gain a market share M: through soled units and net margin A: there is a gap in the market we will use it R: achieved by new design and better qualities . T: it will be global in the next 25 years

Brand equity

Value measures
•Market share •Unit sales •Net margin •Market penetration

Preference measures

•Brand allegiance •Aided awareness







•Communication Strategy . •IMC . •POPs & PODs

c .Execution

Objective : Be No. 1 in the world In ceramic designs

Challenge : Competitors, and how to convince people that our product is the best

IMC challenge
Customer Challenge : • All over the word . • The competitors products .(China Product ) What to do : • Mass adv in media . • Join all ceramic show rooms all over the world . • Innovation in designs Product to be pioneer in this category . • Market penetration by launch branches in all over the world .

The AD

Brand preferenc e Brand recognitio n stage of brand acceptance at which the consumer knows of a brand but does not prefer it to competing brands
Zone of Defection

Brand insistence

stage of brand acceptance at which the consumer selects one brand over competing offerings based on previous experiences withZone of Affection that brand
Zone of Indifference

stage of brand acceptance at which the consumer refuses to accept alternatives and searches extensively for the desired good or service


1 Extremely Dissatisfied

2 Somewhat Dissatisfied

3 Slightly Dissatisfied

4 Satisfied

5 Very Satisfied

A single – minded idea

Perceptual Map

Ceramica Cleopatra


Al-Fr3na Other Products Royal Almleka


Brand protection
Cleopatra brand value Honesty Straight-forward Design Dynamic Emotional Translation to: Shareholders Keep promises Simple & clear Up2date and modern Innovative Trusted Consumer Reliable , durable Simple & clear related to the culture Innovative & insure magnificence Very emotional related to our history

Brand protection

1. Cleopatra had registered trademark so that no other ceramic company can take its name or logo. 2. It started a heavy media advs to protect the brand image in Egyptian market and all over the world .

‫‪Managing brand health‬‬
‫‪In ceramica Cleopatra BRAND is a very important driver to growth‬‬ ‫‪throw a set of beliefs‬‬ ‫‪1.Functional beliefs‬‬ ‫الذوق والجمال في التصميم‬ ‫جودة تثق فيها 001 دولة حول العالم‬ ‫‪2.Social beliefs‬‬ ‫الصفوة حاليا تستعمل سيراميكا كليوباترا لنه عمل منتجات مخصوص للصفوة المجتمع‬ ‫بفخر ان بيتي فيه سيراميكا كليوباترا‬ ‫‪3.Spiritual beliefs‬‬ ‫تصميمات ايطاليه بأيدي مصريه ) من مصر ل 001 دولة بيكم احنا اتقدمنا نجحنا52 سنه عالميين (‬

1. 2. 3. 4. Strong R&D . Mass adv in media . Join all ceramic show rooms all over the world . Innovation in designs Product to be pioneer in this category . 5. Market penetration by launch branches in all over the world .


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