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Dont worry this does not mean

you will become a serial killer
YES! !!!

Gino Stocco, 57, was given a non-parole period

of 28 years, while son Mark, 35, received 30
The pair was charged with more than 30 offences
including the murder of Mr Cimone, 68, who was
killed in Dunedoo in central-western New South
Wales in 2015.

MAOM GENE : This gene is connected

to aggressive and violent behavior.

MAO Enzyme:
Monoamine oxidase, MAO, is an
enzyme that has been shown to
be related to antisocial

GENE: CDH13 is
connected with aggressive
Cesare Lombroso (1835-1909), the father of modern
criminology, was one of the first persons to ever talk
about the possibility that criminality being inherited. He
was a scientist that decided to study crime and find a
connection between criminals and their biology. He
did most of his earliest work at a lunatic asylum where
he studied Italian prisoners. He started comparing
criminals, and normal individuals. In his studies he found
that several of the criminals had skull birth defects, that
was one of the main difference he saw in comparison
with any other normal individual.
Nurture, on the
other hand states
that individuals
criminals due to
their surroundings
The debate has been going on and ways of life.
for may year now and both This includes,
sides manage to maintain very poverty, in side
powerful arguments. Nature is
family assaults,
based on that criminals are born
that way and that they act violence at
based on their in stings not home. Basically,
because of desire. It also any factors that
explains that certain types of might contribute
behavior could be the result of with becoming a
inherited genes, or abnormalities trigger on a
in the brain structure.
persons life and
making them act
a certain way.

In conclusion, finding out whether genes play a role in criminal behavior, we have
found that there is evidence to prove someone could be born a criminal. The
relationship between a criminals genetic traits and brain structure is the result of their
behavior. Although, we have found that evidence in several studies, we have also
found out that carrying a specific gene does not mean that an individual is a criminal
or will become one in the future. It just implies that those individuals might have a
higher possibility of offending. An individuals life style and circumstances might also
lead to criminal behavior. Nature vs Nurture are both the product of criminal
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