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Professional Leadership


Dora Melia Skinner

University of Arizona
Class of Fall 2017
Direct Patient Care
Personal Strengths
Attention to Detail
Opportunities for Improvement
Communicating with fellow staff
Ability to explain simply to patients
Short Term goals (Present 2 years)
Begin nursing career in ICU
Learn policies and procedures
Become a valuable asset on unit
Long Term goals (3-5 years)
CRRT , CCRN certification
Unit Leadership
Personal Strengths
Team player
Opportunities for Improvement
Ability to say no
Short term goals/ strategies (Present 2 years)
Attend local nursing conferences
Attend national conferences and workshops
Long term goals/ strategies ( 3-5 years)
Become charge nurse
Professional Development
Short term goals/ strategies
Keep up with new technology and systems
Learn about new developments in Nursing
Improve existing skills
Long term goals/ strategies
Obtain CCRN certification
Continue nursing education (DNP)
Management/ Leadership Book
Complimented own strengths
Highlighted areas in which I excel
Beneficial to my personal growth
How to prevent burnout
Balance a hectic new schedule
(work, sleep, life)
cope with death of patients
(first time, and after)
continue education while working
Leadership Shadowing Experience

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Institute of Tucson

Wound Nurse
Wound Assessments
Treat and manage pressure ulcers
Surgical incisions
Pin care on an external fixator
Importance of proper documentation
Professional Activity Experience
Pima County Health Department Mobile Unit
Located at Sunnyside High School
Young Adult Sexual Health
Counseling and Education
ICSAVE Bleeding Control Course
Stop the Bleed campaign
Life saving medical interventions
My Professional Timeline
SHORT TERM GOALS ----------------------------------------- LONG TERM GOALS

Feb/March 2019- 2020 2021

2018 Acquire 2020 Further
Jan. 2018 2019
Start ICU valuable CCRN Nursing
Pass NCLEX Complete
New grad ICU certification Education
Program experience (DNP)
Continuing Education

Short Term Goals

Become a Preceptor
Competent RN

Long Term Goals

Learn a new language (Mandarin)
Further Education (DNP)

Kathy, Q. (2011). 150 tips tricks for new nurses. Avon, MA: David
& Charles.