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The history of DAIHATSU

Company outline
Head office 1-1, Daihatsu-cho, Ikeda-city, Osaka, JAPAN
Established March 1, 1907
Number of employees 11,873 (As of April 1, 2006)

Net sales (2006) 1,021,181 millions YEN

Unit sales Daihatsu cars Domestic 605,117 units
(2006) Overseas 107,317 units
Total 712,434 units
TOYOTA cars Consigned cars 187,372 units
OEM cars 9,184 units
Total 196,556 units
Consigned engines 368,616 units
The history of DAIHATSU
Plants in domestic
(1)Ikeda No.1
Started operation :May 1939
Shops : Press, body, machining
Products : transmission, press parts
(2)Ikeda No.2
Started operation :June 1961
Shops : body, coating and painting, assembly, inspection
Products : Light vehicle
Started operation :April 1973
Shops : press, body, coating and painting, assembly, inspection
Products : Small passenger vehicle
(4)Shiga No.1 Head office
Started operation :April 1974 Ikeda plant
Tokyo branch office
Shops : machining, casting, light alloys Tada plant
Products : engines, transmissions, light alloy castings
(5)Shiga No.2 Nishinomiya parts center
Started operation :January 1989 Shiga (Ryuo) plant
Shops : press, body, coating and painting, assembly, inspection
Kagami plant
Products : Light passenger vehicle
Kyoto plant
Started operation :March 1972 Daihatsu Kyushu
Shops : Production equipment
Products : molds for presses, unit and body equipment
Started operation :May 2003
Shops : Assembly
Products : Industrial engines
(8)Oita (Daihatsu Kyushu)
Started operation :October 2004
Shops : press, body, coating and painting, assembly, inspection
Products : Light vehicle
The History of DAIHATSU
Overseas office Distributors Number of distributors
(China) Beijing office, Jilin office, Overseas distributors South America 44
Changchun office
Africa 24
(Belgium) Europe office
Europe 22

Overseas production site Middle east 17

(Indonesia) Asia 12
(Malaysia) Oceania 9
(China) Overseas total 128
The History of DAIHATSU

Year Month Description

1907 March Hatsudoki Seizo Co., Ltd. established.
1930 December First 3-wheeled vehicle "Model HA" manufactured.
1933 June 750cc 3-wheeled vehicle "Daihatsu Go" started.
1939 May Ikeda plant opened (present Ikeda plant No.1)
1951 October 3-wheeled passenger vehicle "BEE" started.
December Company name changed to DAIHATSU Motor Co., Ltd.
1957 August Production of light 3-wheeled vehicle "Midget"started.
1960 November Light 4-wheeled truck "Hijet" started.
1973 April Kyoto plant started.
1974 April Shiga plant No.1 started.
November Small passenger vehicle "Charmant" started.
1978 January "Charade" chosen as 1977 Car of the Year for Japan.
1980 June New light vehicle "Mira" started.
1984 April 4-wheel drive vehicle "Rugger" started.
1994 April Production of light vehicle "Kancil" started in Malaysia.
1995 April "Zebra" started in Indonesia.
1997 April Compact 4-wheel drive vehicle "Terios" started.
2000 March "Cuore" started in Pakistan.
2001 November Production and sales of "Terios" family vehicle started by DAIHATSU/TOYOTA in Venezuela
2002 June Light sports vehicle "Copen" started.
2004 October Daihatsu Kyushu Oita plant started
The History of DAIHATSU
The History of Daihatsu Vehicle

Type HA (1930)
Type HF (1933) BEE (1951) Midget (1957)

Hijet (1960) Comparno spider (1965) Fellow Fellow MAX (1966)


Charmant (1974) Charade G10 (1977)

Mira (1966)
Taft (1966)

Rugger (1984) Charade G100 (1987) Opti (1992) Terios (1997)

The History of DAIHATSU
Major current available model

Export - -

Export - - - -

Export - - - -
The History of DAIHATSU
Overseas production vehicle-1
Indonesia (P.T. Astra Daihatsu motor)

TERIOS XENIA Gran Max Gran Max

(Van) (Pickup)

Malaysia (Perodua Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.)

Kancil Kenary Rusa

Myvi Viva
The History of DAIHATSU
Overseas production vehicle-2

Malaysia (Daihatsu <Malaysia> Sdn. Bhd.) Venezuela (Toyota De Venezuela.C.A.)

Delta Hijet jumbo TERIOS

Pakistan (Indus Motor Company Ltd.) Colombia

(Sociedad De Fabricacion De Automotores S.A.)

Cuore Delta
China (FAW Jilin automotive co., LTD.)

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