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Exergaming Project: Do Video Games Enhance Memory?

Jill Wager, Alex Regna, Nate Bourg, Dakota Tostanoski

Abstract Hypothesis Conclusion

This study was conducted as a means of finding the After the experiment was done, we were able to
answer to a given hypothesis, being, do video The hypothesis that we were testing was as
followed: after playing video games for a conclude that video gaming did significantly
games enhance memory? A total of 11 subjects
were tested with this theory by initially asking them to specific duration of time, memory can improve the short term memory of certain
play an online memory game, receiving their maximal become enhanced and improve cognitive individuals. This was evident by our
results, and then playing a video game for a duration function. observations made of the results of the
of time. After playing the video game, we asked the participants after paying the game. Also, in
subjects to then play the online memory game for a some cases, the video game did not improve
second time. We recorded their results and then Null Hypothesis
specific peoples memory. Out of the 11 total
compared their second score with their first score.
participants, 7 improved their memory/score, 2
After looking at this set of data, we were able to Playing video games for a specific duration of
conclude that the majority of participants did improve remained consistent, and 2 participants did not
time will leave no significant impact on improve and even received worse scores.
their cognitive function and memory after playing
video games, however, there were some individuals
cognitive functioning and memory.
who differentiated from the rest of the group and
received consistent or potentially worse results.

Methods and Results

With our participants, we initially asked them to

play an online memory game prior to playing video
games. In the memory game, there are a series of
rounds that get progressively longer in the
sequence, then the participant needed to recite the
sequence again. Each correct reciting equaled a
point, and their total points were added together.
After playing video games for roughly 15-30
minutes, we asked them to play the same game
again. We recorded the results in both rounds and
compared them to one another after it was
completed. Our findings varied, however, it was
evident that video gaming can have the potential to
enhance memory on some, but can actually inhibit
memory on others.