NURSING AS CARING: Anne Boykin & Sabina Schoenhofer

A general theory framework of disciplinary view of nursing presents an ABSTRACT, INTEGRATED,COMPREHENSIVE picture of nursing as a practiced discipline. Offers a view that permits a broad, encompassing understanding of any and all situations of nursing practice. Serve as an organizing framework for nursing scholars. In the various roles of practitioner, researcher, administrator, teacher and developer.

The theory is grounded in several key assumptions:
Persons are caring by virtue of their humanness. Persons are whole and complete in the moment. Persons are live caring from moment to moment. Personhood is a way of living grounded in caring. Personhood is enhanced through participation in nurturing relationships with caring others. Nursing is both a discipline and a profession.

The most basic premise of the theory is that all humans are caring persons, that to be human is to be called to live one¶s innate caring nature. Developing the full potential of expressing caring is an ideal and for practical purpose is , a lifelong process.

As a discipline and a profession, nursing uniquely focuses on caring as its central value, its primary interest and the direct intentions of its practice.

It is a person as living in caring and growing in caring. The general intention of nursing as a practice discipline is nurturing persons living caring and growing in caring.

Involves particular values, intentions, and actions of two or more persons choosing to live a nursing relationship. It is understood to mean the shared lived experience in which caring between nurse and nursed enhances personhood.

Is understood to mean living grounded in caring, it is the universal human call.

Is a specific expression of caring nurturance to sustain and enhance the ³other´ as he or she lives caring and grows in caring in the situation of concern.

The personhood is enhanced each expressing self and recognizing the other as caring person.

NURSING AS CARING THEORY, grounded in the assumption that all persons are caring, has its focus a general call to nurture persons as they live caring uniquely and grow as caring persons.

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