Marketing Management

MBAMBA-B Lingaya s University Foundation Campus

What Marketing is«. promotion & distribution of ideas. pricing.. goods & services to create exchanges to satisfy individuals & organisational goals.  Process of planning & executing the conception. .

Marketing Management  The art & Science of choosing target markets and getting. delivering & communicating superior customer value. keeping & growing customers through creating. .

Intrepreneurial Marketing.Stages of Marketing Practices    Entrepreneurial Marketing. . Formulated Marketing.

. Approaching every door to acquire attention.Entrepreneurial Marketing     Wit Feeling. Aggressive Marketing Practices. Opportunity of Self Visualisation.

Formulated Marketing    Set Policies & Procedures. . Defined path of proceeding. Settled ways.

Stagnant Visualisation .Intrepreneurial Marketing    Stucked Formulated Marketing techniques Lack of creativity/Passion.

Scope of Marketing (Involvement in 10 types of Entities)      Goods Services Experiences Events Persons      Places Properties Organisations Information Ideas .

Product Concept. Selling Concept. . Marketing Concept. Societal Marketing Concept.Corporate Orientation towards Market Place      Production Concept.

Production Concept    Widely available Low cost Mass distribution .

Product Concept     Highly innovative Most quality High performance Best features .

High Promotional Efforts. . For unsought goods.Selling concept    Aggressive Selling.

Marketing Concept      Understand Target Market Consider customer first Get Customer needs/Demands Know Customer value Integrated Marketing .

Societal Marketing Concept     Environment Consideration Resource Management Social consideration Ethical Values .

Building & Delivering Customer Value .

Customer Perceived Value  Difference between prospective customer evaluation of all product s benefits & the total cost of the product. .

functional & psychological benefits a customer expect from the market .Total Customer Value  Perceived monetary value of the sum total of economic.

. using & disposing of the given market offering.Total Customer Cost  Sum total of costs a customer expects to incur in evaluating. obtaining.

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