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Creative Yogance

for Healthy Aging

The body thinks, and the brain dances.
David Gere

Advance Research in Dance

Presentation by: Jacqueline DAmico
November 2017
Definitions & Terms
Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)
Combination of nursing homes, assisted livings, etc.
Caters to seniors healthcare & assistive needs in later years of life

Anne Green Gilberts BrainDance

Holistic movement exercise targeting the physical, social, emotional, intellectual body

Older adults (aged 60+)

Chair-based Yoga
Inspired from the Baptiste methodology
Modified practice using a chair or other assistive devices as props

Quality of Life
Overall well-being
Encompasses positive & negative aspects of life
Includes physical, emotional, mental health
Dance is for every body benefits the mind & body connection
Yoga as a physical & mindful practice to spiritual self-discovery
Improves balance, strength & gait, cognitive functioning, social interactions,
emotional well-being
Older adults (65-75 years of age)
Aging population is increasing rapidly
Increased need of quality of life interventions long-term care
Contribution to New Knowledge
BrainDance is under explored
Bridging the gap between two different movement practices creative dance &
Purpose & Problem
Explore the BrainDance & Chair-based yoga as a
creative movement intervention in the geriatric
Review the BrainDance & Chair-based yoga in
literature and find the gaps in current study
Create a creative yogance curricula based on Anne
Green Gilberts creative dance lesson plans and adapt
the Baptiste yoga methodology for a chair-based
Explain the future of and limitations of present
Working Hypothesis

I hypothesize that the combined movement

intervention of creative dance and chair-based
yoga as compared to a single intervention of either
treatment will have a greater benefit on
promoting healthy aging practices for an older,
physically-inactive population
Few case studies and empirical-based research designs

Qualitative data & small sample sizes

Dance as multimodal challenging to measure &


Financial Support
Pilot study with a pre-post
intervention assessments
Quantitative & qualitative Questionnaires & Tasks
collection of data
Modified Timed Get Up and Go Test
Creative yogance (Gine-Garriga, Guerra, Mari-Dell'Olmo, Martin, & Unnithan, 2009) 6 items

movement intervention Sit to stand

Kick the ball
Use of survey & Perceived Stress Reactivity Scale (Schlotz,
questionnaires Yim, Zoccola, Jansen & Schulz, 2011) 23 items
When I fail at a task...
When others say something incorrect about me
Older People's Quality of Life
Questionnaire -Brief Version (Bowling, Hankins,
Windle, Bilotta & Grant, 2013) 13 items
I enjoy my life overall
I look forward to things
Informed Consent

Pre-intervention measures taken

Creative Yogance Program Example Session (30-60min)

1-2+ per week 1. Opening Seated Meditation
8-24+ weeks 2. BrainDance
3. Various chair-based
Post-intervention measures postures
taken 4. Standing structure-
improvisational movement
Debriefing & Further Benefits phrase
5. Verbal Reflection
6. Closing Meditation
Thank you for listening!

Movement is the medium in which we live our lives.

Marian Chace

Any questions?
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