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Building a Better Boss

Lecturer: Mr. Nguyen Vu Huy

Subject: Principles of Management
Group 1: on Th Thanh Trc- 2150455
Ng Thi Uyn-
V H Linh- 2160415


Summary + Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

Hoa Sen University

Question 1: Describe the finding of Project
Oxygen using the functions approach,
Mintzbergs roles, and skill approach.
support their staffs when they need
give employees to appreciate and build cooperation with all teams.

Laissez- faire
do not become involved in other peoples personal affairs

People- oriented
focus on motivating people to meet the organizations goals by tending to their
emotional needs
The project named Project Oxygen was established in order to get
Task- oriented survey with 100 variables
focus on the tasks that need to be performed in order to meet certain goals

8 characteristics
listen to their employees ideas of
andthe mostwhat
explain Googles
they askeffective
to advance jobs
support your staffs in order to gain their long term goal

follow up to ensure that the plan to achieve the goals

you are experts in your field

Hoa Sen University

Role Apprpoach- Henry
Function Approach Mintzberg

Planning Figurehead
Interpersonal Leader

Controlling Organizing Informational Disseminator
Fayol Spokesperson

Disturbance handler
Decisional Resource Allocator

Company Name
Skill approach- Robert L. Katz

Conceptual Interpersonal
Technical skills Political skills
skills skills

analyze and built the base

work well have
diagnose in of power and
with knowledge in
complex widen
shareholders your major
situations. connection.

Hoa Sen University

Fayols planning
Ensuring the plan and Mintzberg decisional role
achieving the goal

Fayols organizing approach

Focusing on the task
and end of result

Mintzbergs informational roles

Good communication (Spokeperson, Disseminator)
skills interpersonal roles (liaison)

Katz technical skills

Technical abilities

Hoa Sen University

Question 2: Are you surprised at what
Google found out about "building a better
boss? Explain your answer

Company Name
The good employees wont be great
How to become a brilliant coach
Feedback Culture
Try to know your worker

Hoa Sen University

Question 3: Whats the difference between

encouraging managers to be great managers
and knowing what being a great manager

Company Name

Encouraging managers to A great manager involves

become great managers
More like which are the
More like motivate through techniques for do a good
words and work to the manager such as work in teams
manager to be better Have a good leadership with the
Take care the employees that
the manager has in charge
Be worry about them ,if they
are ok, they can work better.

Company Name

Question 4: What could other companies learn

from Google's experiences?

Hoa Sen University

Question 5: Would you want to
work for a company like Google?
Why or why not?

Hoa Sen University

That is a great idea

A high percentage of Googlers say they are

satisfied in their job
Most googlers think their work makes the
world a better place
Googlers say their compensation is the best
More than one-quarter of Googlers
telecommute at least some of the time
Some employees say their job is low-stress