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Medical Ethics and Medical
Law of the Republic of Indonesia
Created by : Group 23
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We are from Group 23 Medical Faculty of Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya 2012.
Welcome your involvement in reading tasks of PBL (Problem Bases Learning) entitled
Scenario 4, ethics and medical law of the Republic of Indonesia
Through SGD (Small Group Discussion) we are confronted on the issue in
the form of scenarios IV module as a benchmark in the discussion. Learning self-
reliance is also necessary in fulfilling our responsive in discussing an issue in this
study. through SGD we required to dig up information that is wider or more about a
matter related to the problem being studied so that it can understand the case is an
interdisciplinary science and evaluate any errors that exist within this little discussion.
And we expect also, through Integrated medical science first task this time,
I can be a role model in communicating in a discussion of the subject matter. For that
we want to make our task of writing the third PBL can be beneficial to the students of
the Campus Anggung Wimbuh Linuwih and many people.

Surabaya, December 2012

1. Foreword
2. Contents
I.1 Scenario
I.2 Purpose
I.1 Scenario
Doctor B are general practitioners who practice of localization. Practice is always crowded
by the whore, while practicing Doctor B often do abortion with the pedestal's humanity that helped the
future of the whore. It lasts a long time and the name of the doctor B is getting popular so that more
and more sought after by couples who become pregnant outside of marriage that is valid, to ask you
please to be abortion. As a result a doctor B is getting rich from the results of practice, and send his son
to go into medicine, with the aim of practice can help it.
When the police arrested doctor Bs practice place. And in that time he and his son who is a
medical student was doing abortion. Both were arrested and curled at the prodeo with accusations of
malpractice. When the litigation process running, Doctor B stroke that paralyzed half of the body, with
the base's humanitarian and Doctor B was sentenced to house arrest, while her son subjected prisoners
to jail for five years and had expelled from the Medical Faculty
After everything happened, family life Doctor B is getting poor , because of the loss of a
source of livelihood and have to pay the cost of medical treatment for the recovery of an expensive
disease in PX. When thoughtful B Doctor is aware that what he was doing on the pretext of humanity
is a violation of religious moral against the creator, a violation of ethics and medical law which should
be for a doctor. Whether the Doctors B eventful poignantly is the law of Karma?
As for the purpose of discussion of our paper, including:
1) in order for medical faculty students would be able to understand and
preserve medical ethics and morals.
2) Provide information to all aspiring physicians in carrying out the practice
of medicine is not going the wrong way, so it doesn't backfire for life (law
of karma).
3) Medical Faculty Sstudents and doctors can gain knowledge about growing
malpractice action lively happens from time to time with expectations
after acquiring the appropriate insight into these keywords, the medical
personnel not to do so in the future.
NO Keyword Problem
1 Moral and Medical Ethics 1. What is moral and medical ethics ?
Subjects Matter :The use of Moral and 2. How to grow the moral and medical ethics ?
Medical Ethics 3. How to applicate moral and medical ethics ?

2 Medical Law 1. What is the importance of medical law ?

Subjects matter : 2. What is medical secret ?
1. The importance of medical law 3. What would happens if a doctor violate the
2. The definition of medical secret. medical law ?
3. The judgement that received if violate the
medical law

3 The Law of Karma What is the law of karma ?

Subjects matter : The relation with karma if a
doctor broke the medical oath.
4 Malpractice between Medical Student 1) What is malpractice ?
and Doctor 2) What causes the medical students and
Subjects matter : Medical Student and doctors malpractice ?
doctor malpractice actions that have an3) What is the impact of malpractice?
impact on the case law. 4) What is legal action concerning
5 Abortion 1. What is meant by abortion?
2. How classification regarding abortion?
Subjects matter: Deepening the science 3. What cause most people have an
of abortion. abortion?
4. What is the reason to have an abortion?
5. What are the consequences of abortion?
6. How the diagnosis of abortion?
7. How the legal aspects and medico legal
about abortion?

Ex/ abortion
Ethics comes from the
word Greece ethos,
Medical Ethics meaning moral
character, habits,
customs, feelings,
attitude, a good,
Set the behavior of
members of the decent.
profession in relation to
the others. Profession

(Kode Etik Kedokteran Indonesia)
as the development of the era...
Bioethics The Law of Health

1. What is moral and medical ethics ?

2. How to grow the moral and medical ethics ?
3. How to applicate moral and medical ethics ?

So that through a discussion of ethical and moral medicine this can we conclude;
*Ethics is knowledge about the correct behavior in one profession. Meanwhile,
*Moral is behavior that have been regulated or determined by ethics. If connected to the context of
medical science.
Ethics and morals are things that underlie the behavior of a doctor. So if a doctor wants to become a
professional practitioner materially and practice, ethics and morals must be mastered first.

1. What is the importance of

medical law ?

2. What is medical secret ?

3. What would happens if a doctor

violate the medical law ? DISSCUSION:

We as medical students are required to know the medical law, namely the
constraints of behavior we should live as a doctor. Therefore we as doctors
must know and comply with them so that we do not fall later.

What is the law of karma ?


Doctors should indeed become the servants of the community, but in the sense that not all
wishes of the patient must be conformed to the doctor because it simply wants to get paid
from the patient, because as the medical profession should lead its work in accordance with
the norms of law and religion. If the doctor breaches all provisions of good moral ethics or
medical oath then the doctor had the consequence of his carelessness or that he had erred in
the exercise of duties as a doctor either ramifications of criminal or religious law (law of
1) What is malpractice ?
2) What causes the medical students
and doctors malpractice ? DISSCUSION:
3) What is the impact of malpractice?
4) What is legal action concerning

Malpractice is a bad practice of action, i.e. a professional practice that is not, contrary
to the law, contrary to humanity, decency and propriety as well as contrary to the professional
standard conducted by doctors or other medical personnel either due to deliberate action or
forgetfulness resulting in harm to patients and lead to medical personnel who commit such acts
respond and fit in accordance with the laws that he broke.

Abortion is the stopping of pregnancy before birth the
fetus. Abortion abortion differentiated into legal and illegal
Thus the paper on Medical
ethics and medical law of the Republic
of Indonesia that we've made together.
We as authors hope this paper may be
of benefit to our readers. And, can
understand and implement parts of
keywords that contain positive values of
life. In Excel and for reaching career and
ideals we as a medical student. If, if
there is still a shortage or error on our
paper,please be advised . Any criticism
and suggestions we expect. Thank You.

Etika kedokteran dan hukum kesehatan ed 4 Oleh Prof. dr. M. Jusuf Hanafiah, Sp.OG(K) & Prof. dr. Amri Amir, Sp.F(K), SH

Medical Ethics and Medical
law of the Republic of