Racism become closely intertwined with nationalism from 19th century, leading to the ethnic nationalist discourse which identified the race to the nationality . Recent example is about racial attacks

in Australia .

From 2004 to 2009 the number of indians studying in Australia rose from 30,000 to 97,000 . In 2007-2008 international education contributed 13.7 billion Australian dollars to the Australian Economy, measured through all categories of Exports earnings, including tuition fees, living Expenses and tourism associate with visits from Relatives.

Indian reaction  The issue has been raised in diplomatic talk between Australian prime minister KEVIN RUDD and Indian prime minister MR.MANMOHAN SINGH. Domestically ,the Indian govt declared that it with would formulate a policy to deal with racial discrimination against indians abroad. 


ACT  Economic crises and downfalls often cause rising fascism and racism against minorities.  In India itself resulting in racist-like violence between various ethnic groups and ultranationalist partise in the country.

Racial discrimination is treating people differently through a process of social division into categories

Institutional racism
(also known as structural racism, state racism or systemic racism) is racial discrimination by governments, corporations, educational institutions or other large organizations . 

Economic  Historical economic or social disparity is

alleged to be a form of discrimination which is caused by past racism and historical reasons, affecting the present generation through deficits in the formal education and kinds of preparation in the parents' generation, and, through primarily unconscious racist attitudes and actions on members of the general population.


In Zimbabwe, there

has been increasing racism against the white farmers, due to poverty and lack of land ownership by Africans.

Recism :Equally prevalent in india 
In ASIA miilions of people suffer discrimination

because of the descent or caste. 
Among victims are Burakumin in japan and

DALITS in the Indians subcontinent. 
DALITS in india suffer a range of human rights

violations,despite legal safeguards they precisely reported to be torture,arbitary arrest,extra juducial execution and harassment.

International Human Right laws against RECISUM
The Elimination of All Forms Of Racial Discrimination was adopted in 1965 By the UN General Assembly. ITAims to promote DE FACTO Racial equality,to enable the various ethnic,racial or national groups to enjoy all the Human rights on the equall basis.

Global action against Racism 
UNITED NATION has struggled to find measures    

to combat racial discrimination and ethnic violence the conventions and declarations are:Convention of the Prevention and Punishment of the crime of GENOCIDE-1948. Declaration on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination -1963 21 MARCH designated International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination-1996 First world conference to combat Racism and Racial Discrimination , Geneva 1978

World Conference against Racism ,Racial Discrimination ,Xenophobia and Related Intolerance 2001 in durban , south africa DDPA(Durban Declaration and Program of Action) provided the framework for guiding govt. , non govt organisation and other institution in their efforts to combat racism and racial discrimination.

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