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Prepared By:
K. Venkateswara Rao
MBA (General)

Mathew Cherian Vice President (Exports) at Belfry Industries

I. Self - sufficient
II. Cost efficiency
III. Investing in Automation

Suresh Nair Commercial Manager

Problem faced while purchasing a laptop

Not available in India, therefore had to go through the gruelling process
of getting the laptop into India
Had to suffer the import duty capitalization cost and an increased
payback period
Daffodils one man office in Bangalore.
Radii Pai, Chief Officer
It deals with Indian Market through
Genesis India

Oregano Systems-Agent or distributor of

Daffodil Hong Daffodil
Kong based

Pentax systems-Agent or distributor of


Maxware Machines- Sellers of Daffodils

Cherian gives his specifications to Systems Manager of Oregano systems
Suggestion from Systems Manager of Oregano
Order is placed
Delay in delivery of products and problems in the delivered products
Promise of delivery of package in 10 days but after 3 weeks only Daffodil-Province
After weeks hand scanner delivered which is not A4 scanner
Engineer, Shyam Naik unable to install the scanner
7 days later printer arrives without the cable
Cherian compalins to Daffodil chief Officer, Radii Pai, who sends an
engineer from Genesis India
Solution given by the engineer
Printer cable broght by Raghu Iyar, an engineer and problem stated by him
Daffodil-Matrix arrives without the fax card
Fax card arrives without the required software
Daffodil had entered Indian market without adequately studying the Indian
computing environment.
Their vision was narrow as they only wished to be the provider of
computing platform and were not system integrators.
They did not understand the difference between the Indian and US market

US Market:
Here Daffodil marketed its PC for home use.
Customers aware of Daffodils marketing strategy and the way the
channels were structured.
Here, a menu of software was readily available and integrators who
provided that kind of support.
Cost of these services was also low

Indian Market:
India was a new market for laptops, thus needed complete information on how
the product works.
Customers needed PC as a peripheral in a larger computer environment.
Customers wanted the whole package from one person.
Problem with reference to the case:
Daffodils Marketing Manager, Vijay Vani, argues that they are only providers
of the computing platform and not system integrators. Therefore, Cherian
should approach Microsofts agent in India for software support.
Cherians problem:
He wants the Daffodil agent to load software on the laptop and create disk
capability necessary to make Windows work.
This is a part of hardware engineering so Daffodil should provide the
software that supports its gadgets.
Oreganos Systems Manager is given the specifications yet he recommends
a laptop which does not support the specifications.
Mawware providing the software so it should co-ordinate with Microsoft
to provide a software that is compatible with the hardware. 6