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Planning Land 3D Seismic


Field Layout

Seismic Survey Design

20th November 2017


Full Fold 3D Mega Bin

Sampling The 5-D Prestack Wavefield Hexagonal Binning
Swath Star
Orthogonal Radial
Brick Random
Non-Orthogonal Circular Patch
Flexi Bin Nominal Fold Comparison
Button Patch

Zig Zag
Full Fold 3D

Source points and receiver stations distributed on an even two-dimensional grid

with station spacings equal to line spacings.
Sampling The 5-D Prestack

Ideal survey samples 5D prestack wavefield W(t, xs, ys, xr, yr) that is dependent
upon traveltime (t) and the source and receiver locations (i.e., xs, ys, xr, yr)
(Vermeer, 1998).
Symmetric sampling :
shot interval = receiver interval
shot line interval = receiver line interval
maximum in-line offset = maximum cross-line offset
center-spread acquisition (shots, revceivers)

Source and receiver lines parallel and usually coincident (neighboring). poor
mans 3-D

Active receiver lines form a rectangular patch surrounding each source point

Groups of source points between alternate receiver lines at a half-line position.

Flexi Bin

Source lines and receiver lines spacings are noninteger with respect to the
group interval.
Button Patch

Several buttons are combined in a checkboard pattern to form the receiver

Zig Zag

Single source lines are located between adjacent pairs of receiver lines are
located between adjacent pairs of receiver lines for a single zig-zag.
Mega Bin

The redistribution of the source and receiver locations in the mega-bin design
reduces this asymmetry and samples such noise better.
Hexagonal Binning

If the midpoints fall into a hexagonal pattern, the midpoints can be binned
hexagonally. This method requires 13.4% fewer subsurface samples in one
direction compared to a square grid of midpoints, thereby reducing the
acquisition and processing effort of the 3-D survey (Bardan, 1997).

Star shooting involves laying out receiver lines in an arrangement resembling the
spokes of a wheel.

This concept involves laying out receiver lines in an arrangement resembling the
spokes of a heel
similar to the star design. However, source points are placed along concentric
circles around the center of the survey

The random technique has been applied successfully where source and receiver
positions are moved based upon the relative ease and safety of crew during
Circular Patch

The main feature of a circular patch is that all live receiver groups are limited to
lie within a maximum offset (or radius) from the source point
Nominal Fold Comparizon

Aufa :Konfigurasi yang sering digunakan?

Dwiqie: beda flexi bin dan circular path
Daniel: aplikasi
Katon: kenapa sorce dipasang zig zag pada zig zag