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Public Transportation

In Southeast LA

Giovanissa Soleimany, Michelle Kang, Tina Lam,

Francesco Colonnese, Noelle Attar
Increasing ridership on public transportation
Promote daily use of
transit system
Motivation through
Rider point system
Health Benefits
Increase average lifespan
How Is our solution going to improve life span?
(77.7 years) (83.7 years) (82.9 years)

Exercise = decreases
prevalence of diabetes,
obesity, and heart disease ( )

Boosting physical activity

Immune system
Decreased overall pollution,

less asthma symptoms

Regular riders are less prone

to sickness (common colds,

Digestive System
- Converts Food into Energy

- Feeds the entire body

- Affected by:

- The way we eat

- The amount of physical exercise we do

Improvements generated by our solution:
- Better Metabolism because of:

- Walking to school/work - Public Transportation

- Healthier Diet

- Improved Physical Activity

- Reduced risks
Cardiovascular system
-Cardiovascular system

- Public transportation benefits

- Asthma, Diabetes, Food insecurity,

Heart disease, Weight and smoking

- Japan study
Cardiovascular system pt. 2
Article : Anthropometric and cardio-respiratory indices and
aerobic capacity of male and female students

- Developed countries physical activity

- no physical activity?

- Correlation between physical activity and low

How ridership of p.t can improve respiratory health pt. 1
Automobile-dominant lifestyle more EMISSIONS

Air Pollutants

stay in respiratory organs

cause chronic respiratory diseases

Point-rewarding system will promote ridership of

public transportation And reduce emissions in
Southeast LA.
How ridership of p.t can improve respiratory health pt. 2
Physical activities
Providing oxygen to the
cells and removing carbon
dioxide from the cells
Increasing the rate, and
the depth of breathing
Enhancing the ability of
respiratory system
Improving public health
Point-rewarding system

Promoting Public Transportation in Southeast LA (CA 90001)

Offering a healthier lifestyle with:

Access to Gyms

Access to Healthier Food

Reducing air pollution

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